Administrative Overview

Academic Policies

Administrative Policies

Employee Policies

SUNY Plattsburgh Alphabetical Listing of Administrative Policies

Approved by Executive Council 

Absence from Class and Class Coverage Procedures
Absences and Extraordinary Weather Conditions
Academic Grievances
Academic Grievance Procedures 

Academic Honesty Policy 

Academic Honor Code
Academic Policies
Academic Progress Standards
Access to Legal Counsel
Accreditation Bodies/JCAHO
Acceptance of Gifts in Kind Policy
ADA - Reasonable Accommodations
Anti-Sweatshop Policy
Assessment Policy
Auditing Courses
Background Check
Bottled Water Purchase
Campus Building Evacuation Shelter in Place
Campus Credit Card Policy
Campus-Wide E-Lock System
Cellular Telephone Program & Procedures
Chemical Hygiene & Safety Program
Child Protection
Children in the Workplace

Clinton County Community Service Program Worksite Memo (MOA)
College Survey Policy
Complaint Procedure for Review of Allegations or Unlawful Discrimination/Harassment
Confidentiality Policy
Copyright Observance for Computer Software
Course Withdrawal Fee
Credit Card Policy  
Crime Alert and Emergency Notification Policy & Procedure
Data Security Procedures 

Desk & Cellular Telephone, Policy of 
Device and Media Controls    

Domestic Violence & Stalking (see Intimate Partner Violence
Drug & Alcohol Free Workplace     
Dual Career Assistance at SUNY Plattsburgh
E-Lock Security Device (same as:  Campus-Wide E-Lock)
E-Lock Access & Authorization
E-Lock Student/Employee ID Card Policy
E-Lock Key Access & Authorization
E-Lock Security Electronics
E-Lock Shelter-in-Place Evacuation
E-Lock Vendor Access to College Networks
E-Lock Video Camera-Surveillance Equipment Use & Monitoring

Emeriti/Retiree Privileges
Equal Education and Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action (see Notice of Non-Discrimination
Event Scheduling, Coordination, & Implementation Guide  
Event Staffing Places of Public Assembly     
Felony Arrest  
Fleet Management 
Free Speech, Use of Facilities by Third Party     

GEO Faculty Led Student Abroad Programs  
GEO Resident Director Handbook    
GNU (New) Academic Building Mission Statement     
Graduate Assistantships 
Grant Awards for Student Athletes  
Holiday Policy 
Human Subjects - COPHS 

Identity Theft Prevention Program 
Information Security Policy
Information Security Policies   

Institutional Animal Care and Use (Committee Excerpts from the Policies and Procedures)        
International Agreements, Procedures for Review     
Internet Policies from the Library of Congress  
Intimate Partner Violence Policy
Late Leave Record Policy for Academics    
Late Leave Record Policy for Professionals      
LENS Policy  
Liberal Leave Policy    
Mandatory Leave by Administrative Action
Mass Emailing Policy  
Net ID Password Policy  
No Contact Order Policy    
Non-Credit Programming/Courses/Classes
Notice of Non-Discrimination
Overdue Compliance Training Procedures 

Pandemic Flu Plan 
Payment of Moving Expenses for New Employees 
Peer To Peer (P2P)    
Pets/Animals of Employees In The Workplace
Property Control Policy & Procedure
Property Control Asset Workflow  

Public Officers Law  
Reasonable Accommodation Policy for State Employees (ADA)  
Records Retention & Management Policy
Recognition of Student Organizations    

Release Time Policy for Classified Staff  
Requesting the Use of a State Van/Vehicle or a CAS Van 
Roles & Responsibilities of Dept Chairs & Center Directors 

Search Warrant 
Security Incident Procedures
Sexual Harassment
Sexual Harassment & Sexual Violence Policy
Signage & Wayfinding Policy & Procedures
Smoking Policy
Snow Removal Policy  
Social Media
Social Security Number Policy 
SPECTRUM Proposal  
Staff Confidentiality & Training
Student Employment Opportunities Posting

Student Grade Grievance Policy  
Student Grievances 
Student Photographs As Directory Information Policy
Student Work ID Card Policy  
Student Work ID Card Request  
Student Work ID Card Confidentiality Statement  
Study Abroad in Mexico, Temporary Travel Restriction  
Subpoena Duces Tecum  
Teacher Education Faculty Structure  
Telephone Answering Protocols  
Textbook Information HEOA    
Textbook Information HEOA Process-Proposal    
Textbook Memo HEOA
Tobacco-Restricted Campus
Venue Use
Video Display Terminal Ergonomics, Policy on    
Voicemail Broadcast Messaging    
Web Content Management  
Workplace Violence Prevention Policy & Procedure
Workstation Use and Security

Updated as of  8-25-2015



Contact Information

For more information about Administrative Policies approved by Executive Council, please contact:

Sean Brian Dermody
Assistant to the Vice President for Administration
Management Services Office
Office: Kehoe 710-11
Phone: (518) 564-2539
Fax: (518) 564-2540