The Audition Process: What You Need to Know

All music programs of study at SUNY Plattsburgh (the music major, music minor or music concentration) are contingent upon acceptance to the college and require an audition/interview with the music faculty.

Additionally, applicants must complete and return the Application for Music Audition Form and the Teacher Reference Form.

Audition Interview

The audition/interview gives us the opportunity to learn about your musical qualifications and to assess your placement level for coursework. It also gives you the opportunity to learn more about music at Plattsburgh and decide if we are a good fit for you.

Photo of a student playing the piano. The awarding of Heisler Scholarships is also contingent upon acceptance to the college and the completion of a successful audition/interview with the music faculty.

Students seeking admission to the music major program are required to audition in person. Applicants for the Heisler Scholarship must also audition in person.

What to Expect When You Audition

On the day of your audition, arrive early enough to allow yourself to warm up in our practice rooms, located on the third floor of Myers Fine Arts Building. Be ready at least 10 minutes prior to your scheduled time to audition. There will be several question-and-answer sessions scheduled for students and parents throughout the audition day. The diagnostic theory/aural skills test will be administered at a single session during the day.

Learn More About the Audition Process

Each program of study in music has specific guidelines for auditioning:

Questions, Comments, Suggestions?

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