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Thesis Option B — Comprehensive Analysis and Assessment Thesis


  1. Select 5 topics related to leadership, i.e.: ethics, team-building, systems thinking, decision-making, self-assessment, communication, stakeholder relationships, leadership style/competencies, etc.
  2. For each of the selected topics, identify and discuss the associated theories (with 3 references each) that best fit with your beliefs about leadership.
  3. For each selected topic and theory discuss how you applied or intend to apply to your personal, work, community life.
  4. Discuss how your understanding of leadership may have changed by virtue of your exposure to these theories and learning experiences in the coursework. Include your personal definition of leadership and how you intend to apply it in your personal, work, and community life.
  5. This option may be submitted as a written document with a panel review by your thesis advisor, second reader and third faculty member or a formal oral presentation to your thesis advisor and second reader with a complete annotated bibliography and written abstract (minimum of 5 pages).

Thesis Template

  1. Select 5 topics associated with coursework or leadership theory.
  2. Discuss applicable theories for each topic, what you learned and how to apply:

    Assessment and Analysis Thesis Worksheet

      Theory References to Ground Theory What I Learned How Have I or Will I Apply
    Topic 1
    Topic 2
    Topic 3
    Topic 4
    Topic 5
  3. Summary: Discuss the meaningfulness of these concepts to your professional and personal leadership future. Be sure to identify what learning methods worked best for you that enabled you to learn most effectively from these courses.
    1. Discuss how you have or will apply the leadership concepts in your personal, professional and community life.
    2. Provide a general discussion of how concepts presented through your course of study contributed your meeting the following learning outcomes of our Master of Science in Leadership and the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies–Leadership program.
      1. An in-depth understanding of their personal leadership portfolio of styles, patterns, strengths, and growth areas.
      2. Ability to dialogue in team contexts and collaborative networks for mutually beneficial outcomes.
      3. A clear sense of his/her continuous path of leadership development.
      4. A motivation for continuous practice of self-reflection and positive personal change.
      5. Skills in effective oral, written and electronic communication as a leader.
      6. A clear understanding of ethical issues, dilemmas, and best practices.
      7. The ability to critically analyze scholarly research for its applicability in organizational and personal contexts.

Items Required for Thesis Option B

Items Required
Thesis Proposal Y
Thesis Adviser and Second Reader Y
Literature Review (25–45 References) Y
Methodology Review (5–10 References) N
Problem Statement N
Hypotheses/Propositions N
Written Document with Oral Review with Faculty Panel
Oral Presentation with Abstract and Annotated Bibliography
COPHS Approval N

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