Student Testimonials

Here's what some of our students have said about their Honors Program experience (and we didn't pay them anything to say these things!):

Ronak K. Brahmbhatt, Senior

Ronak K. Brahmbhatt is a Finance & Business major. He expects to graduate in spring 2007.

"The Honors Center provides us with a new approach towards our way of thinking about various issues in the world. The seminars have helped me analyze things more critically than before. I am lucky to be a part of HSA. "

Kerry Thode, Junior

Kerry Thode is a Biology major. She expects to graduate in spring 2008.

"The honors classes give you a chance to voice your ideas and discuss topics with your peers. I love the seminars because they provide a nice contrast to regular lecture courses. "

Shabna Shareef, Sophomore

Shabna Shareef is an Accounting and Business Administration major. She expects to graduate in spring 2009.

"Honors Seminars are very interesting programs. They stimulate innovative thinking and student expression. I find them very different and thought provoking compared to my regular classes. In enjoy my honors classes to the utmost and look forward to it every week. Thumbs up!"

Jessica Whittemore, Sophomore

Jessica Whittemore is a Nursing major. She expects to graduate in spring 2009

"The Honors Program is amazing. Plain and simple. It's a lot of hard work, but I learned so much that has helped me in my other classes. The best aspect of the Honors Program is that you learn solely for the sake of enrichment. The staff is really supportive, and the environment is friendly and open. I recommend this program to all of my friends."

Gina Paul, Junior

"Gina Paul is a Biology major and is also earning a minor in Chemistry. She expects to graduate fall 2008.

The Honors Seminars challenge me to think critically about the topics presented and offers an opportunity for me to delivery my thoughts. Due to the small class sizes, I get individual attention from my classmates and the teacher."

Zach Warner, Senior

Zach Warner is an Education major. He expects to graduate in 2007

"The Honors Program is built around teaching/learning opportunities that engage students in active learning rather than the passive absorption of information. The Honors Center embodies the idea of taking control of your education and taking control of your life."

Lindsey Bombard, Class of 2006

Lindsey Bombard majored in English Literature and graduated May 2006.

"I love the Honors Program because it allows students to not only connect with a small, close knit group of students but also enables them to learn from each other. I have always felt the small classroom setting brought out the best of my thoughts and questions. It allows for complete human interaction, which you can't get inside a lecture hall. Everyone's opinions are listened to and valued within an Honors Program Seminar."

Mohammed S. Chandoo, Junior

"As an International Student, I feel like home away from home in Plattsburgh State. The variety of the Adirondacks evokes the diversity of the Honors Program. The greatest gift I received at Plattsburgh State is the vast knowledge provided by the seminars at the Honors program. These seminars include every aspect of life, i.e. from self-development to academics study. Everyone you meet in this program is cheerful and ready to help at anytime and cost. At this point, I feel like a family member at SUNY Plattsburgh honors program. 'To achieve success in life you must give it a try,' this is what I call the motto of SUNY Plattsburgh Honors."

Michele Krug, Political Science Major, Class of 2007

"The Honors Program is definitely a great program and I am very glad that I requested to be placed into it. It is definitely my Honors classes that tend to be the ones to challenge my mind. One of the best parts of being a part of the Honors Program definitely has to be the people you meet. They tend to be friendly and outgoing, and it's amazing how many real friends you can make."

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