E.S.L. (English as a Second Language) Bridge Program

Welcome to the E.S.L. Bridge program at SUNY Plattsburgh!  The E.S.L. Bridge program helps students who are English learners improve their speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills before enrolling in full-time academic study.

Learn to use English with confidence

Students in the E.S.L. Bridge program learn a lot more than English language skills.  Instructors help you improve your study skills and understand American culture while you adjust to college life in the U.S.  Our E.S.L. instructors are well trained to meet the special needs of students who are English learners.  Our classes prepare you to speak American English with confidence.

Benefits of our E.S.L. Bridge program:

  • Qualified instructors:  Our faculty teachers and tutors are talented and highly qualified in E.S.L instruction
  • Small class size: We limit the number of students in each class to make sure you get many chances to practice your language skills
  • Cultural adjustment: We help you adapt to life in the U.S. with cross-cultural instruction and discussion
  • Conversation practice:  Our Conversation Partner Program gives you regular one-on-one speaking and listening practice with American students
  • Academic credit:  You can earn academic credit toward your degree with advanced E.S.L. courses

Campus services for E.S.L. students

Many offices on campus offer services to help E.S.L. students meet the challenges of studying in a second language:

  • The Learning Center is an excellent resource for both American and international students.  You can find E.S.L. tutors, help with note-taking, and information about extended-time testing.
  • The Speech and Hearing Center helps E.S.L. students learn proper English pronunciation.
  • Special course sections:  Almost all students must take an English composition class and a public speaking class.  There are special class sections of these courses designed for non-native speakers of English:
    • The English department offers E.S.L. sections of ENG100 and ENG101 ("College Writing")
    • The Communications department offers international student sections of CMM101 ("Introduction to Public Speaking")

More information

Questions, Comments, Suggestions?

If you would like more information about the E.S.L. Bridge Program, please contact:

Mrs. Marcia Gottschall, Coordinator
Office: Learning Center, Feinberg 103
Phone: (518) 564-2298
Email: gottscmk@plattsburgh.edu