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Elizabeth Sanger, Senior

Elizabeth Sanger is originally from Chazy, New York, although she has lived all over the country. She is an English major in the final semester of her senior year.

The Professors at Plattsburgh State are a Wonderful Group of People

All of the professors I have met in the Plattsburgh State English department have been fantastic--receptive to their students' needs and desires, enthusiastic about the literature and theory they're teaching, honest but diplomatic in their critique of student work. The creative writing I have done at Plattsburgh State has exceeded my own expectations.

Dr. M.D. Kutzer and Dr. Jon Chatlos have both been instrumental in the overall positivity of my experience at Plattsburgh State. The true facilities of an English department are the brains behind it, and those that I have encountered here have all been superlative.

The English Program is Like a Community

I have met a core group of writers at Plattsburgh State with whom I share work and scintillating conversation. The classes are small, and the subsequent availability of professors is great.

Erin Seaman, Senior

Erin Seaman is from Cornwall, NY, near Newburgh and West Point. She is an English Writing major and a Psychology minor.

Many Positive Influences at Plattsburgh State

"I find Plattsburgh State to be a very personable college. The faculty is responsive to the students, the administration interacts successfully with the student body, and the students that go here are great.

Inside the English department, Dr. Chatlos, Dr. Ostry, and Dr. Butterfield all helped me very much. I am currently taking English classes with Dr. Torres-Padilla and Dr. Shout that I enjoy. I like exploring new ways of writing and reading different formats of writing styles. I love the classroom size of most English classes because they are small enough to have open discussion.

Outside of the English major, I am Vice President for Activities for the Student Association, and Melanie Wyand, from the office of Campus Life, has been my biggest influence. All the friends I've made at Plattsburgh State make it feel like my second home."

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