Computing Services and Facilities

Single username and password

Every student at SUNY Plattsburgh receives a username and chooses a password. The same username and password are used for most computing services on campus, including login to the computers in the Feinberg Main Lab, CS&IT Lab and CS&IT Mini-Lab, remote logins to the departmental Linux server, campus email, campus information and academic services (My Plattsburgh/Banner and ANGEL).

CS&IT Lab — Hawkins 053B

Computer Science and Information Technology Lab has 40 Linux workstations and a high-speed laser printer. Students are provided with accounts, network file storage and print quotas in a Linux environment. A user will have the same environment and will have access to the same directories and files independently which lab machine is used. An id card swipe machine allows access by only computer science and IT majors and students currently enrolled in CSC courses 6 a.m.-11 p.m.; A motion sensor alarm system is activated after the labs operating hours. While a class takes place in this lab, students not enrolled in the class can use the lab for individual quiet work with instructor's permission and provided that workstations are available.

CS&IT Mini-Lab — Redcay 141A

Computer Science and Information Technology Mini-Lab has seven Linux workstations and a laser printer. It is adjacent to faculty offices so that students can receive individual attention when they work on programming. Mini-Lab is often used by study groups or to develop team projects. Computer accounts are given only to Computer Science and IT majors and students currently enrolled in CSC courses. Every machine gives access to the same environment and the same user directories and files as the machines in CS&IT Lab.

CS&IT Commons Redcay 143

This room is used by study groups to conduct discussions or tutoring and for faculty and student meetings. It can accommodate about 10 persons. A whiteboard, some computer science books and journals and a TV/VCR/DVD for watching educational programs are available. The room is adjacent to departmental offices and CS&IT Mini-Lab which facilitates consultation with faculty and access to computers.

Feinberg Main Lab

This lab is located on the first floor of Feinberg Library and contains over 90 Windows computers; an adjacent lab extension has over 20 Windows computers. The lab is used by all the college's students. 

Remote access to the Linux server

Students who have accounts in the CS&IT Lab can connect with ssh and ftp from both campus and off-campus computers (running any operating system) to the departmental Linux server For users who run Windows on their computers we recommend Putty ssh to connect interactively and WinSCP or FileZilla sftp to transfer files.


Computing and Media Services Department maintains computers used by the college for academic purposes except in CS&IT Lab or CS&IT mini-Lab. For help with the software or hardware on the campus please call Helpdesk at 564-4433.

Wireless Network

A wireless network is available in all buildings and in some outside locations on campus. Please contact Helpdesk with related questions. 

Advice on choosing a computer

While the main computer labs (available to all college students) use Windows, our department's labs use Linux/Unix. If you are not familiar with Linux, a 1-credit CSC219 will get you started — this course is offered during the first five weeks of every fall semester and can be taken concurrently with other courses in which students need to work in a Linux environment. Although all the work can be done in our computer labs you may prefer to work at home — in such a case any operating system you use (Windows, Linux/Unix, or Unix based Mac OS X) will allow you to do the work. We will recommend additional free software to install.

Questions, Comments, Suggestions?

For more information about computer science and information technology programs at SUNY Plattsburgh please contact

Dr. Jan Plaza, Chair
Office: Au Sable Hall, Room 307
Phone: (518) 564-2788
Fax: (518) 564-3010