What Is Computer Science?

The term computer science is often used to refer to all areas of computing together. Computer science evolved through the consolidation and extension of concepts, phenomena, and philosophies originally associated with a variety of other disciplines, such as mathematics, engineering, physics, linguistics, and even psychology and philosophy. Computer science is the study of algorithms and information, and the use of algorithms and information in the solution of problems. This includes the study of data and information in numeric, non-numeric, and graphical forms. It involves algorithms for the interpretation, transformation, communication, and organization of information.

The broadly understood discipline of computer science has several components:

  • Theoretical Computer Science: foundation for all the computing disciplines, mathematical and logical concepts used in the structure of information and the creation of algorithms, which in turn, lead to the analysis and the design of hardware and software.
  • Software engineering: design, implementation methodology of complex software systems, also design and implementation of computer based tools which aid such a work.
  • Electrical engineering/computer hardware engineering.
  • Information technology.
  • Management information systems/computer information systems.

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