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WARP Radio Studios

Learn about Radio Broadcasting in a Live Radio Station

WARP Radio is a music station that is run just like commercial radio stations in that DJ's follow a broadcast clock and are told "what" to play and "when." The station broadcasts "world-beat music" which consists of music from around the world — including celtic, zydeco, Australian, Latin, African, Middle-eastern, Asian, and more.

On the WARP, you'll learn how to become a combo operator (DJ) including practicing your announcing delivery skills, researching and interviewing guests from the community, delivering the local news and sports, and developing your on-air personality through live and voice-tracked (pre-recorded) broadcasts.

Perfect Your Skills and Reach a Wide Audience

WARP Radio is our radio training facility designated for cable broadcasting over Campus Channel 10 and Charter Cable Channel 17. Operating on the "audio" channel of PSTV, WARP reaches a potential market of 30,000 homes in Clinton and Essex counties. "The WARP" is in use for 10 weeks of each semester as a part of two radio practicum courses — CMM209 Broadcast Announcing and CMM409 Radio Management.

WARP Radio studios consists of three computer workstations — one for live-assist and automation, one for content development and internet access, and one which handles the station's Internet broadcast encoding. (WARP Radio is also available online at — call letters BRGY.)

You will have access to 3 microphones (for the DJ and 2 guests), several CD players, and a cassette recorder. Access/control is provided by an 8-channel Audio Arts On-Air Broadcast Console. Music is pre-selected with the PSI -101 (Prophet Systems) live-assist automation software that also manages DJ sign-in, announcement scheduling, playlist production, and voice-tracking. Students involved in WARP Radio are also encouraged to join the other campus radio station, WQKE.

WARP Radio is located adjacent to the Digital Media Laboratories in Yokum. This lab is open to Communication Studies majors only.


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