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SUNY Plattsburgh Orientation Programs and Activities

Here are some of the exciting and informational programs we offer.  Please don't just take our word for it when we say they're great, check out the testimonials from students and family members.

Welcome Cardinals!

A warm and sincere welcome to SUNY Plattsburgh from President Ettling or another SUNY Plattsburgh Administrator, and a student government leader.

Area Bus Tour

Parents have the option to take a tour of our beautiful surrounding area in an air conditioned chartered bus. The cost of the tour is $5.00 and is MC'd by our former V.P of Student Affairs and local historian, Bill Laundry and our Dean of Students, Steve Matthews. The tour includes a stop at Rulf's Orchard for free cider donuts (delicious by the way!), a beverage, and the opportunity to purchase various goods from their store.

Parent Comments:

  • "The Bus Tour really gave us a sense of the history of Plattsburgh and what was available off campus. Mr. Laundry really sold us."
  • "Best $5 I ever spent! It gave me such an appreciation for what this area has to offer."
  • "Loved Rulf's donuts!"
  • "The crown jewel of Orientation!" 

Burghy Broadway

Orientation Leaders from the Family Staff put on several skits for parents that depict various aspects of college life, some of which are of a sensitive nature,  along with potential pitfalls students should avoid as a means to create awareness, to educate and to entertain parents. Discussion to follow.

Parent comments:

  • "The best part of Orientation!"
  • "Good skits! The role playing was very provocative."
  • "Excellent situational presentations. Will definitely discuss with my student."
  • "Excellent and realistic!"
  • "Funny and informative!"
  • "Provided a base for some important discussions with my student." ~Parent

Diversity Workshop

Students engage in a powerful discussion with J.W. Wiley, Director of the Center for Diversity, Pluralism and Inclusion.

Student comments:

  • "The divesity presentation was by far the best. J.W. is a great speaker and it really made me think a lot."
  • "J.W. was the best!"
  • "J.W. Wiley was funny as hell and delivered a comforting environment."

Connecting with a Cardinal

A college representivie speaks with parents and students separately about what to expect as the students begin their college careers here at SUNY Plattsburgh.

Student and parent comments:

  • "Steve Matthews was very informative and seems to genuinely care about the students." ~Parent
  • "I really enjoyed my interaction with the Dean." ~Student
  • "The overview by the Dean of Students was the best part of Orientation." ~Parent
  • "Enjoyed the Dean of Students presentation very much." ~Parent
  • "It was nice to see the Dean not all dressed up." ~Student

Family Activities (B-I-N-G-O)

We provide everything you need, including PRIZES, so come play BINGO with the Orientation Leaders from the Family Staff.

Parent comments:

  • "BINGO was a blast!"
  • "I won!"

Connecting With Your Floor

Students can capitalize on this opportunity to connect with Orientation Leaders and more importantly, other students via some low key activities. Thi 

Cardinal Competition

Students participate in a high energy, fun and friendly floor competition in various activities. Let's see what floor comes out on top!

Student comments:

  • "A great opportunity to get involved!"
  • "Fun and exciting!"
  • "It really helped me meet new people and interact with other people from my floor."
  • "Dodgeball was sweet!"
  • "The outdoor activities were a lot of fun!"

Hangovers and Everything In Between

"Addressing our fears, expectations and reality: Living above the cultural expectations of college" 

Students will interteract with our Health Educator, Rhema Lewis, the Orientation Leaders, and each other while discussing various topics.

Information Marketplace

Parents and students have the opportunity to meet with and receive information from various offices on campus in the lobby of the Angell College Center. This serves as a great place for parents and students to meet before heading back home on Day 3 of Orientation.

Sample Room

Hey parents! Are you curious as to what a students room might look like with students actually living in it?  Ask an Orientation Leader from the Family Staff to show you our Sample Room in Banks Hall to get an idea as to how a room might be arranged.

Student Services Panel

Parental Distress 101: Parents, do you have concerns as a about sending your student off to college? In this session, administrators from Student Affairs address topics and answer questions that are often on the minds of parents as their students begin their transition into college here at SUNY Plattsburgh.

Parent comments:

  • "Best part of Orientation!"
  • "An abundance of information."
  • "It was nice having many different offices there to talk to us."
  • "Very available to answer questions after presentations."
  • "Excellent and informative!"


Contact Information

For more information or questions about Student Orientation at SUNY Plattsburgh, please contact:

New Student Orientation

Office: Kehoe 602
Phone: (518) 564-3282