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Campus Construction Schedule for 2014-2015

Academic Buildings

Rick Larche, capital project manager, is overseeing the following projects. He may be reached at rlarc001@plattsburgh.edu.

1. Hawkins Hall Pond and Harrington Hall Infrastructure Project

  • Estimated timeline: Monday, May 19 through the end of August 2015.
  • Scope: Around Hawkins Hall and the pond area, high-temperature hot-water piping and sanitary and storm lines will be replaced. A new water line around will be installed. High-temperature hot-water piping will also be replaced behind Harrington Hall. The pond liner will be replaced, a waterfall feature installed and the area will be landscaped and improved lighting will be put in place.
  • Notes:
    • Fencing will be left in place around the pond area through the winter of 2014 and into 2015.
    • The use of Hawkins Parking Lot 2 will be limited during the summer and early fall of 2014.
    • Access and egress will be disrupted to Hawkins, Hudson and Ward halls.
    • Anticipate delays as you walk around the site.

2. Hawkins Hall: Café Renovation for the New Einstein Bagels Location

  • Anticipate delays as you walk around the site
  • Café Renovation for the New Einstein Brothers Bagels Location in Hawkins Hall.
  • Estimated timeline: May 26 through mid-August 2014.
  • Scope: This is a complete renovation of the existing café, located along the south side of Hawkins Hall.
  • Notes:
    • Access will be limited to the south hallway of the first floor during the construction.

3. Myers Fine Arts Building: Theater-Rigging Replacement

  • Estimated timeline: May 26 through August 2014.
  • Scope of the project: A completely new rigging system will be implemented to bring the current theater up to current industry safety standards.

4. Yokum Hall: Communications Upgrade

  • Estimated timeline: May 22 through the end of early winter 2014, with a goal of opening the space for students in the spring of 2015.
  • Scope: There will be a demolition and abatement starting in the TV/audio area of Yokum Hall, followed by a minor reconstruction of the current layout. The existing TV equipment will be completely upgraded with minor upgrades on the audio side.
  • Notes:
    • Overall this project will provide the communications studios with a facelift and, more importantly, a major equipment upgrade bringing the facilities up to current studio standards.

5. Field House: Soccer/Lacrosse Turf Field Replacement

  • Estimated timeline: Toward the end of June 2014 through the end of August 2014.
  • Scope: The existing field will be replaced with a new turf and striping compliant to NCAA standards.

6. Kehoe Administration Building: Generator Installation

  • Estimated timeline: To be determined. However, the hope is to start the project in fall 2014.
  • Scope: The campus is currently seeking a design for an emergency backup generator for Kehoe Administration Building. The object is to provide backup power to key network servers for continuity of operations during a power failure event.

7. Hudson Hall: Temperature Boiler and Cooling Coil for Room 106

  • Estimated timeline: Early summer through the end of summer 2014.
  • Scope: A boiler will be placed outside Room 106 (a lecture hall) to assist with dehumidification, while the high-temperature hot-water line is being replaced through the Hawkins Infrastructure project. Also, some work will be done on the roof over the room to provide a condensing fan and coil in the air handling unit so that 106 can be cooled in the future.

8. Central Campus: Podium Rehabilitation

  • Estimated timeline: July 2014 through fall 2015.
  • Scope: This is an extensive rehabilitation of the existing elevated walkway, called the podium, which connects numerous buildings at the second-floor level including the Angell College Center, Feinberg Library, Yokum Hall, Beaumont Hall, Kehoe Administration Building, Myers Fine Arts and Hudson Hall. It will involve removing the existing walking surface pavers down to the existing structural slab. A new membrane, drainage and stamped concrete walking surface will be installed. New green spaces will spruce up the walkways along the railing edges, and the underside will be rehabilitated to fix all the damaged concrete from water infiltration.
  • Notes:
    • The project will be phased to allow some minimized traffic flow around the construction areas, but some delays should be anticipated and alternate routes will be indicated for foot traffic.

9. Au Sable Hall: Final Touches

  • Estimated timeline: Summer of 2014, mostly in June and July. All work is expected to be completed before the start of the fall semester.

Residence Halls

Jules Lapoint, construction project development and oversight professional, is overseeing the following projects. He may be contacted at jlapo003@plattsburgh.edu.

10. Adirondack Hall: Window Replacement

  • Estimated timeline: May 27 through Aug. 18, 2014.
  • Scope: This project consists of removal, abatement and replacements of the windows in the exterior stairway, residence director’s apartment and lounges, as well as the complete replacement of the store-front, entry doors and the stair tower doors.
  • Notes:
    • The contractors parking and staging area for this project will be in parking lot 28. There should be minimal interference with pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

11. Macdonough Hall: Roof Replacement

  • Estimated timeline: Phase 1 – May through Aug. 30, 2014. Phase 2 – TBA.
  • Scope: The existing slate tile will be removed and replaced. The cornice work will be rehabilitated.

The project will also provide for the rehabilitation of the existing cornice work. The work will be performed in two phases with phase one taking place this summer. Phase one will replace the roofing and rehabilitate the cornice on the center section of the building.

  • Notes:
    • The contractors parking and staging area will be parking lot 13. Safe access will be maintained to the building throughout the summer and there will be minimal impact to the parking. Some excavation work is required for the new drain lines that will be connected to the additional rain gutter system that will be added to the building under this project. The excavation work will be coordinated to reduce the impact to pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

12. Banks and Whiteface: Elevator Replacement

  • Estimated timeline: May through Aug. 8, 2014.
  • Scope: Elevators in the two halls will be replaced and will now provide for both stopping at each floor.
  • Notes:
    • Because of the tight timeline, the contractor will be working two shifts to complete this project. The contractors staging and parking area will be in parking lot 28. There should be minimal to impact to pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

13. Mason Hall: Renovation

  • Timeline: May 27, 2014, through June 15, 2015.
  • Scope: The heating system, electrical infrastructure, select plumbing and data infrastructure will be replaced. New finishes will be added throughout the building. In addition, a limited number of single-resident rooms, a central resident hall mail room, full-coverage sprinkler system, passenger elevator, kitchenettes, generator emergency and standby power for essential systems will be added or updated.
  • Notes:
  • The contractors staging and parking area will be within the construction fence at the project site as well as the staging and parking area located behind Sibley Hall. There should be minimal impact to pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Any disturbances due to the project construction will be coordinated to provide the least impact to pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

14. DeFredenburg Hall: Final Stages of Renovation

  • Timeline: The anticipated date of completion is July 14 year, 2014.
  • Scope: Finishes are being applied and systems are in the process of being tested.
  • Notes:
    • There should be minimal impact on pedestrian or vehicle traffic on this project.

Roads and Parking Lots

Kevin Roberts, Director of Facilities, is overseeing the following projects. He may be reached by email at robertkw@plattsburgh.edu, or by phone at (518) 564-5016.

1. Redcay Parking Lot

  • Estimated timeline: July 27th, 2014 through August 22nd, 2014.
  • Scope: Steven E. Fuller Excavating, Inc. from Keeseville, NY is the contractor performing the work. The new parking lot will create parking for 28 vehicles and will be located on the south side of Redcay Hall between the Redcay building and Brinkerhoff St.  This will involve excavation of the area, installation of granite curbing, tapering for proper drainage and asphalt.


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