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Internship Opportunities in Sociology

The Sociology Program at SUNY Plattsburgh offers students the opportunity to apply their classroom knowledge to problems and issues beyond the classroom. Our internship program is designed to let you make connections between “book learning” and the “real-world”.

There are two parts to the internship:

Frequent Asked Questions About Our Internship Program

Q: Where Can I Do My Internship?

Answer: You decide. Any government agency, community service organization, local business. Tell us what you want to do; we are likely to approve any reasonable proposal.

In past semesters, students have chosen to work with organizations such as:

  • Clinton County Probation
  • Planned Parenthood
  • U.S. Customs Service
  • STOP Domestic Violence
  • Crisis Center
  • Prisoners’ Legal Services
  • Clinton County Sheriff
  • Federal Correctional Facility
  • North Country Center for Independence
  • New York State Police
  • Another site of your choosing

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Q: How Many Credits Can I Earn?

Answer: Hours (and credits) can vary. You and the internship site will decide how many hours meets your needs and their needs. For the internship itself, hours and credits match approximately as follows:

SOC 498 pass/fail

  • 120 hours total = 3 credits
  • 235 hours total = 6 credits
  • 350 hours total = 9 credits

In addition, you will take the internship seminar in the fall semester, which is SOC 497 for a letter grade (3 credits). So you could earn a total of 12 credits (9 + 3) for the semester.

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Q: What Are the Minimum Requirements?


  • At least junior standing at Plattsburgh State;
  • Completion of most major requirements;
  • Grade Point Average of 2.5.

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Q: How Do I Sign Up?

Answer: During advisement/registration for fall semester (usually in March & April):

  1. See your advisor about your schedule for fall;
  2. Get forms outside William Peters’ office, Redcay 233;
  3. Fill out internship application completely!
  4. Make preliminary inquiries at internship sites of interest to you.

We’ll let you know if you’re accepted into the program and give you instructions then for registration and for finalizing arrangements with the internship site.

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Q: Can I Do a Summer Internship?

Answer: Yes! You can do the internship here in Plattsburgh or in your home town. Just indicate on the application form that you’ll be doing it during the summer. You’ll still have to take the internship seminar in the fall, so count on that.

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Q: What’s the Seminar About?

Answer: In the seminar, you and other student interns will discuss your respective internship sites, their structures and concerns. Together, you will have an opportunity to critically evaluate these experiences and discuss broad issues common to the group-issues such as the problems of bureaucracies, limitations of funding, and ways of fostering institutional and social change.

During the semester, you will be asked to participate in and occasionally lead discussions, read articles and books assigned, and produce a research paper. The paper, on a topic relating to your placement site, will be a scholarly effort applying social science theories and findings to your experiences in the real world.

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Q: How Do I Find Out More?

Answer: If you have questions or would like to investigate how to set up an internship, please contact

Lauren Eastwood
Internship Coordinator
Office: Redcay 134
Phone: 564-3309

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Questions, Comments, Suggestions?

If you would like to learn more about the sociology program at SUNY Plattsburgh, please contact:

Dr. Lauren Eastwood, Chair
Office: Redcay Hall 134
Phone: (518) 564-3309