Streaming Media: Overview

This set of help files is designed to help you convert your audio (wav, wma) and video (avi, wmv) files to the streaming Windows Media format. This conversion is necessary if you wish to post files to Plattsburgh State's Streaming media server, and it can be advantageous in other circumstances as well, where you object is to create a small, tightly compressed, high-quality video clip. 

You will probably need to install a couple of programs on your system before you can begin creating and using Windows Media files. Firstly, you'll need a current Windows Media Player.  You can download a copy by following the appropriate download link at . You'll also need a couple of tools to transform a regular Windows audio file (*.wav) or a regular Windows video file (*.avi) into the Windows Media format.

The Windows Media Encoder is presently shipping version 9--if you have another version on hand, you may find that the instructions you see here do not invariably reflect the screens you're used to seeing. You can get the current Windows Media encoder as a free download at

Finally, you'll probably want to get yourself a copy of Instructional Technology's home-made Son of MediaFileThingy program, a practical little utility for posting media files to Plattsburgh's Media Server and for creating the appropriate HTML and ASX redirector files to connect to those media files. Plattsburgh State's faculty and staff can obtain a copy of Son of MediaFileThingy software by sending a request to (Please note that the software is not available for individuals who are not employees of Plattsburgh State.)

Once you've installed all of the desired software, your course of actions is relatively straightforward:

If your object is simply to create a compressed, high-quality media-file from a large source file, then you need only use the Windows Media Encoder (see the Windows Media encoder help file ) or the Son of MediaFileThingy program to convert your file.

If your object is to create a compressed media file for delivery on Plattsburgh's Media Server, you'll find all you need in Son of MediaFileThingy program.