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League Rules & General Information About Intramurals at SUNY Plattsburgh

Good sportsmanship is vital to maintaining the appropriate recreational atmosphere of intramural sports. All intramural participants and spectators are expected to conduct themselves in a civil and sporting manner at all times - before, during, and after contests. Behavior that promotes intolerance or prejudice, degrades any racial, ethnic, gender or religious group, infers an explicit sexual reference, or promotes destructive behavior is considered disrespectful to the University and its members, and will be addressed and dealt with accordingly. This includes intramural team names.


  1. Must be faculty, staff, or currently enrolled student at Plattsburgh.
  2. Intercollegiate players are ineligible to participate in tournament of their sport.
    a. An intercollegiate player is designated as any student who dresses and/or has played in one game including exhibition during the current school year or listed on team roster. 
  3. A varsity athlete who has completed their four years of eligibility may participate in a tournament of their varsity sport in their 5th year.  Only one ex-varsity player is eligible per team in tournament of their varsity sport
  4. Only students enrolled at Plattsburgh State may participate in intramural tournaments.
  5. Intramural staff may designate a loss for any team using an ineligible player.(See Forfeits)

How to Enter a Tournament

  1. Submit completed entry form by deadline date listed under each tournament and entry fee.
  2. Any games played by a team without entry fee being paid will be recorded as a loss.
  3. See tournament for specific entry information.
  4. A minimum of 6 teams must be registered or tournament will be canceled.

Entry Forms

  1. Number of players: See tournament for minimum players to be listed.
  2. First and last names must be printed clearly (No nicknames).
  3. Team names are not allowed which:
    1. Include alcohol or drugs in the name or refer to being wasted, etc.
    2. Are sexual in nature.
    3. Are demeaning toward a group of people.  Race, sex, sexual preference, weight, nationality, etc.
    4. Are demeaning to members of our campus community such as the President.
    5. Cause confusion with common terms in intramural sports or computer language such as "Bye", "error 404".
    6. Include profanity or slang terms that are used for body parts, etc.
    7. Include abbreviations that are for unacceptable words.  (We ask what it stands for and if they won't tell us, they can't use it.)
  4. Rosters close after first week of play midnight Sunday of that week. No further changes will be allowed after that time. Note: This allows teams to delete/add names and make any other corrections.
  5. Any games played by a team without entry fee being paid will be recorded as a loss.
  6. A player may only be listed on one roster and play for one team.
  7. If a player is listed on two rosters, captains will be notified that the individual is ineligible to play for either team for the duration of the tournament.
  8. All changes must be made through the intramural coordinator.

Attending Captain's Meetings

  1. Each team is responsible to have an individual attend the pre-tournament meeting.
  2. See specific tournament web pages for time & date.
  3. A captain's meetings will be held prior to each tournament: The following topics will be covered: rule modifications, eligibility, forfeit rules and re-entry fees, protests, player conduct,scheduling and Q & A. 
  4. The Student Intramural Coordinator will solicit  input from participants on each tournament throughout the season.


  1. Protests are only accepted for ineligible players.  Opposing team and/or officials may also report an ineligible player to the  intramural coordinator.
  2. Protest must be submitted in writing within 24 hours of contest being played by opposing team to the intramural coordinator.
  3. To avoid protests: Talk to officials prior to the game.
    a. If teams agree in presence of officials to allow an individual to play and game cannot be  protested as long as that individual is a SUNY Plattsburgh student, they are not listed on another team's roster or are an ineligible varsity athlete.
  4. Use of ineligible player is automatic loss of game.
  5. If a player is listed on two teams, only the game under consideration can be protested.  A team member found to be playing for two teams will be ineligible to play for either team for the remainder of season.
  6. After a team has been warned for using an ineligible player, the intramural coordinator will declare a loss for team using an ineligible player again and/or remove that team from league.


  1. A legal team is 1 less than required number of players on the court/field. If both teams agree prior to the start of the game in presence of officials to play each other with less than legal number, the game will stand. (Exception Softball: legal team is 2 less than required number).
  2. If a team forfeits once, a warning will be issued.  A second forfeit will eliminate the team from the tournament.
    a. Exception: If the team notifies the Intramural coordinator prior to scheduled game so that the opposing team can be notified.
    b. The game will count as a loss but team will not be removed from league play.
  3. When a team is removed from tournament, all teams previously played will be given a win for games played the team unless it is the last scheduled game for that team. 


  1. Win-loss records are used to determine playoff teams.
  2. Who beat whom during league play will determine playoff position in case of ties.
  3. Check specific tournament page for playoff schedule


If threatening weather occurs, specifically thunder, lightning or heavy rain, outside athletic activities should be called off or delayed for a period of thirty minutes for re-assessment. In either case, everyone must leave the field and seek shelter. Should threatening weather clear the area within thirty minutes, play may be determined safe to resume.


A predetermined number of T-shirts are awarded to the winner of each tournament.


  1. Official calls are final.
  2. There will be zero tolerance for arguing, harassing officials or questioning official's calls. Player first offense: officials may give a warning with or without a penalty or if extreme, immediate ejection from game. Player second offense: automatic ejection from game and recreational staff will decide if further game suspension or suspension for remainder of season. if warranted.
  3. Only field/court captains may call a time out to converse with officials if there is a problem. This does NOT mean that captains may stop games continuously to question calls.
  4. If there is a problem with officials, captains should talk to the intramural coordinator.
  5. The games will go more smoothly and with less controversy if players know the rules.

Player Conduct

  1. No alcohol on the fields or courts by players or spectators.
  2. No cars or motorcycles on the fields.
  3. No fighting or harassment of officials. (See Zero Tolerance Policy under Officials # 2)
  4. Unsportsmanlike conduct: Player first offense: officials may give a warning with or without a penalty or if extreme, immediate ejection from game. Player second offense: automatic ejection from game and recreational staff will decide if further game suspension or suspension for remainder of season. if warranted. Penalties for unsportsmanlike conduct determined by the recreational sports staff.

Contact Information

If you have questions about Intramural Sports at SUNY Plattsburgh, please contact

Intramural Office
Office Hours:  Monday - Friday 3:30-4:30.
Phone: (518) 564-4149