Orientation Cost

Freshman Orientation Fees

*Fee breakdown is per person*

Item Fee
Student Program Fee (Includes all meals) $150
Adult Family Member Program Fee (Staying On Campus) $105
Adult Family Member Program Fee (Staying Off Campus) $95
Sibling Program Fee (Aged 6-16 and Staying On Campus) $65
Sibling Program Fee (Aged 6-16 and Staying Off Campus) $55
Meal Plan (Optional for Family Members Only)* $40
Area Bus Tour (Optional for Family Members Only)** $5

Orientation Fee Breakdown:

  • Students: Student meals, programs/activities, housing, staff training and support, program materials/giveaways, professional staff salaries, overhead charges for use of facilities, etc.
  • Family Members: Student meals, programs/activities, student program housing, staff training and support, program materials/giveaways, professional staff salaries, overhead charges for use of facilities, linens, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does "Staying on Campus" Mean for My Parents and Family Members?

Staying on campus means that you will be staying in the designated Family Orientation Residence Hall while you are here for orientation. You will be sharing a bathroom with others during your stay with us. This is a wonderful opportunity to "relive" the days when you were in college or to get an idea as to what your student may experience this fall. Regardless of your reason for staying with us, the Family Staff is available to help in any way they can and will have activities available to make sure you have a good time. Family members attending alone may be assigned a roommate at check-in based upon the number attending that particular session.

Parent comments:

  • "I enjoyed getting a chance to see how living in the residence halls would feel."
  • "Staying in the residence hall helped me get an idea what my daughter's experience will be like."
  • "Staying in the residence hall was very convenient." 

What does "staying off campus" mean for my parents and family members?

Staying off campus means that you are going to make off campus accommodations at your own expense. Click on the link for a listing of local accommodations.

Add-on Options for Family Members

Meal Plans: (Available for Freshman Orientation Sessions ONLY)

Purchasing a meal plan means no hassle: Meal plans are available for adult and sibling family members for $35. When you purchase a meal plan you will be able to simply swipe the meal card we give you to enter the all you can eat dining hall instead of fumbling through your wallet. Just like those VISA commercials! With a meal plan you get: 2 dinners, 2 breakfasts, and 1 lunch. Purchasing a meal plan will save you money if you anticipate attending every meal and paying per meal at the door. All meals will be held in the designated dining facility noted in your orientation schedule.

Choosing not to purchase a meal plan? This gives you a little more flexibility to sample local eateries/restaurants instead of eating on campus if you choose to do so. If you opted out of purchasing a meal plan you may still eat in the fining facility but you will have to pay for each meal out of pocket. We would like to mention that your student will be expected to eat all of their meals on campus in the dining facility.

Area Bus Tour: (Available for Freshman Orientation Sessions ONLY)

The bus tour is a consistent highlight of our Family Program. It is an opportunity for the family members to sit and relax on an air conditioned chartered bus ride while we showcase what Plattsburgh and the surrounding area has to offer. For more information click on the bus tour link.

Contact Information

For more information or questions about Student Orientation at SUNY Plattsburgh, please contact:

New Student Orientation

Office: Kehoe 602
Phone: (518) 564-3282
Email: orientation@plattsburgh.edu