Career Development Information For

Career Development Information for Freshmen

Welcome to college. It is not too early to begin thinking about your career planning. These are some questions you may have:

What Should a Freshman Do Regarding Career Planning?

  • Explore your interests, values and goals through career inventories available to you in the Career Development Center (CDC)
  • Look into the Student Employment Services listings of part-time job opportunities
  • Investigate internships and overseas study programs for your future course registrations
  • Improve your writing skills (a very important career skill) by writing in class or for the "Cardinal Points"
  • Prepare your first resume with help from the CDC
  • Participate in a club, group or team; take responsibility for an activity in that organization
  • Gain skills and increased awareness of your interests and organizing abilities through participation in student volunteer programs
  • Join a study group and/or use support services Learning Center, Student Support Services, or the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) Office to enhance your GPA
  • Explore summer job opportunities using CDC resources

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