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Whether you are starting to explore career possibilities as a freshman, senior, or career changer, you will naturally have some important questions. Are how many jobs are available in this field? What are the average starting salaries? While this information should prove to be helpful, remember that geographic location is very important and salaries can vary by tens of thousands of dollars. Find out more specifics in a cost-of-living index. Also salary is only a portion of your remuneration to consider. Sometimes more important are other benefits (health, dental, and optical insurance, retirement, stock options), hours/schedule, working conditions, and responsibilities.

The Career Development Center can point you toward a variety of resources that will help you answer these questions. Our career resource library has many print resources that address these issues for a variety of career fields. We also receive a quarterly publication from NACE (our national association) titled "NACE Salary Survey" that provides updated trends and average starting salary offers for numerous majors. In collaboration with the Office of Institutional Effectiveness, Institutional Advancement, and Alumni Affairs, the Career Development Center conducts an annual Alumni Survey that state salaries within a year of graduation.

We subscribe to an enhanced internet site called the Vault that provides career path and salary information.  Just contact us for the special password.

There are also numerous websites that provide updated information on these topics:

Cost-of-Living Index

When considering what a fair salary might be, it is very important to think about the cost of living for each geographic location you choose. For example, if you made $30,000 in Plattsburgh, you would have to make $36,618 in Queens, and $80,416 in Manhattan in order to maintain a comparable lifestyle. There are many websites that provide salary calculators. Some originated as realtor sites to assist with moving.  In addition to cost-of-living, you can check out school districts, crime statistics, and city reports for the area in which you are considering moving.


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