Placement and Proficiency Examinations at Plattsburgh State

Placement examinations are administered to evaluate students' suitability for entry- and upper-level English, math, and foreign language courses. Higher scores will render a student eligible for more advanced entry-level courses. These exams are available to students wishing to test out of a requirement.

English Placement Exam

All new students are required to take the English Placement Examination to determine the level of their competence in writing. A student may be placed in ENG 101 College Writing II or may be required to enroll in four credit hours of a writing course (ENG 100), prior to ENG 101 as a result of this exam. This additional requirement insures that all students are prepared to benefit fully from ENG 101. A grade of C (2.0) in ENG 101 is required for graduation from SUNY Plattsburgh.

Math Placement Exam

Students must demonstrate competency in arithmetic and basic algebra through an exam administered by the Mathematics Department, SAT or ACT scores, or previous college course work.

Foreign Language Proficiency Exam

A student may demonstrate competency in a foreign language. If students opt not to take the placement exam, they will be admitted to an entry-level course. Proficiency exams may place a student out of a requirement. There is no (zero) credit given for placement.

LIB 105 Proficiency Exam

Introduction to Information and Technology Literacy proficiency exam is available.  Anyone who has never received any grade (including W/WC/WE) for this course is eligible to meet the general education requirement by passing the LIB105 Proficiency Exam. The times and locations of the exams will be posted in the library and elsewhere on campus. A student may take the exam only once. Passing the exam awards no credit hours.

Psychology 101 Proficiency Exam

Contact psychology department chair ((Beaumont 211; 564-3076) about proficiency test for PSY101 - General Psychology.

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