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Campus Smoking Policy

Revised Smoking Policy Approved by Executive Council on June 5, 2007; Clarification added April 10, 2013

Effective August 1, 1994, the State University of New York at Plattsburgh chose to become Smoke-Free.

  • Smoking is prohibited in all buildings and enclosed spaces on campus, including the main campus and the Field House complex.
  • Smoking is prohibited in all vehicles owned and operated by the State University of New York at Plattsburgh.
  • Smoking is prohibited on the bleachers located at the college’s athletic fields.

Effective July 1, 2007, in accordance with a SUNY Board of Trustee policy, smoking is prohibited within 25 feet of all building perimeters on campus. This measure is intended to limit the exposure of second hand smoke for those entering and exiting buildings, as well as prevent smoke being drawn into air intakes or open windows.

It is prohibited for any person to smoke in any area where smoking is restricted.

Our effort to maintain a healthy working and living environment is supported by New York State Law. Effective July 24, 2003, the amended New York State Clean Indoor Air Act (Public Health Law, Article 13-E) prohibits smoking in virtually all workplaces. The changes in the Act reflect the state’s commitment to ensuring that all workers are protected from secondhand smoke.

Enforcement of this policy is the responsibility of all campus members. Individuals who either will not follow this policy when asked to or who are repeat offenders should be reported to the appropriate department:

Employees Human Resource Services (518) 564-5062
Students Judicial Affairs (518) 564-3282
General Public University Police (518) 564-2022


For the purposes of this document, the following definitions apply:

  • “Smoking” refers to the inhalation of the smoke of burning tobacco.
  • “Second hand smoke” is the indirect inhalation of smoke of burning tobacco from a nearby smoker.
  • “Tobacco” is defined as all tobacco and tobacco-derived products intended for human consumption, including, but not limited to: cigarettes, cigars, hookah-smoked products, clove cigarettes, bidis, kreteks, electronic cigarettes, smokeless tobacco and snus.

Latest Update: April 10, 2013

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For more information about Administrative Policies approved by Executive Council, please contact:

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