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Telecommunications Information For Students

Calling Plans

Available for Fall Semester (August 21 – December 20) and Spring Semester (January 21 – May 20)

On Campus Calling Plan

All on-campus domestic students will receive unlimited local calling (Chazy, Dannemora, Ellenburg Depot, Lyon Mountain, Peru, Plattsburgh, Saranac, and West Chazy) and 400 minutes per month for long distance calls (international calls not included). Once the 400 minutes are exceeded (within the existing month’s billing cycle) a $0.05 per minute charge will be imposed. All long distance calls will be billed in one-minute increments and any unused minutes during the month WILL NOT be carried forward to the following month.

PLEASE NOTE: Off-campus students, summer session, and winter session rates will be $0.10 per minute for long distance calls within the continental United States and $0.10 for the first three minutes or less and an additional $0.02 per minute thereafter for local calls. Rates are subject to change.)

International Calling Plan

All on-campus international student will receive unlimited local calling, 200-minutes in toll calls and 50-minutes of international calls per month. All international students have the option to switch from the international calling plan to the 400-minute On-Campus Calling Plan as outlined above. You must come to the Telecommunications Office to complete a change in calling plan form.

PLEASE NOTE: Off-campus students, summer session, and winter session rates will be $0.10 per minute for long distance calls within the continental United States, $0.10 for the first three minutes or less and an additional $0.02 per minute thereafter for local calls and standard rates for international calls. Rates are subject to change.

Telephone Equipment


Students are responsible for providing their own telephones in their dormitory rooms. Any telephone from home will work with our system. Cordless telephones will work in the dorms, but please be advised that there may be a heavy concentration of cordless telephone users within the dorm that may create interferences, cross talk, and allow others to listen in on your conversation.  Please be advised that there is only one jack and telephone number per room.

We ask that you do not bring answering machines from home. The campus provides voicemail service (free of charge) to all dormitory students and it is considered an official means of communication on campus. Additionally, the Telecommunications Office will be providing all on-campus students with true Call Waiting and Caller ID at no additional charge. Please note that in order to take advantage of the Caller ID feature service you will need a Caller ID capable telephone.
It is highly recommended that each student has a telephone in their dorm room; however, it is not a requirement in order to use the campus voice mail system.  Further, it is important to note that the campus voice mail and email service is considered an official means of communication on this campus.  Additionally, the college has enhanced 911 which alerts Clinton County Emergency Services of the location of the campus telephone used to dial 911.  It is imperative that you be advised that in using cellular service to place 911 calls from your dorm room may result in a delay in response time due to the accuracy of information obtained through the cellular service


Students are responsible for all charges related to their assigned Personal Billing Number (PBN). If the PBN is lost or stolen, report it immediately by calling our office at x7975. The PBN will be cancelled and a new one will be issued.  All charges will correspond to the individual student PBN not the telephone line.

Credit Limit

A mandatory credit limit of $100.00 has been imposed on all student accounts to ensure manageability of each account. If you expect to make calls amounting to more than $100.00 a month, you may prepay the difference.

Payment Due Date

Payments are due IN FULL on the 15th of each month or your account will be considered delinquent. Failure to pay will result in your PBN service being disconnected on or around the 21st of the month without further notice.


All telephone bills will be furnished in complete detail on-line. Telephone bills are produced on or about the 21st of each month. The full calling detail is available on the worldwide web through our Telweb system. To use Telweb, visit and log on using your authorized password. Hard copies of telephone bills will be made available upon request.


Any account unpaid by the due date will result in the disconnection of the PBN with the responsible student being placed on the University Outstanding Obligations List. Please note that it can take up to three business days to reactivate a PBN.


The telephone jack is considered part of the contents of each room. If a phone jack is damaged to the extent that it is unusable, the occupants of that room will be billed and charged an equal portion of the replacement cost.

Returned Checks

A bank returned check fee must be paid directly to Student Accounts for all returned checks and the defaulted billing amount will, subsequently, be reapplied to the individual's PBN account as an outstanding balance. Personal Checks will no longer be accepted.

Discontinuing PBN Service

Students who wish to disable their PBN service must come into the Telecommunications Office and sign off their responsibility on the original contract form. Failure to notify Telecommunications in writing results in continued responsibility.


Keep in mind that a PBN is similar to a charge card. Students are responsible for all charges related to their individual PBN . UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD THE PBN BE GIVEN TO OR SHARED WITH ANYONE. Please remember that fraudulent use of telephone service is a misdemeanor under the penal codes of New York and is punishable by up to one-year imprisonment and/or a $1,000.00 fine. This office will prosecute anyone found guilty of abuse and/or fraudulent use of telephone services. This includes the obtaining, attempting to obtain, or assisting another to obtain long distance or message unit telecommunications services by rearranging, tampering with, or making connection with any facilities of the telephone service, including wiring, with intent to avoid payment of regular charge for services.

PBN Fraud

If you believe your PBN has been fraudulently accessed, please use the following guidelines to rectify the matter as quickly as possible: 1) Report to the Telecommunications Office, with photo ID and request a PBN change. 2) Go directly to University Police to report the incident. Please keep in mind that regardless of the circumstances you are responsible for all charges incurred on your PBN.

Refund Checks

Checks will not be issued for credit balances under $5.01.

Voice Mail

Every student, faculty, and staff member receives a personal VOICE MAILBOX free of charge. Your mailbox will allow you to store up to fifteen messages simultaneously. To ensure privacy, all students are able to create their own seven to ten digit security code. Judicial charges will be initiated for anyone found guilty of VOICE MAIL harassment.

Contact Information

Telecommunications Office
Office: Lower Saranac Hall, 101 Broad Street, Plattsburgh , NY 12901
Phone: (518) 564-7975
Fax: (518) 564-7986