Library & Information Services (LIS) Committees

Information Technology Advisory Council (ITAC)


ITAC's purpose is to provide input on all campus applications and systems that support instruction, research, and administration. In particular, ITAC will...

  • Develop a campus-wide vision of technology for the campus
  • Participate in campus strategic planning for information technology (in conjunction with the campus Strategic Planning Committee)
  • Review, recommend, and discuss campus-wide policy relating to information technology
  • Review and advise on major information technology initiatives
  • Provide a campus forum to discuss information technology issues
  • Provide information to the campus community regarding information technology initiatives
  • Serve as an Advisory Council to the Dean of Library & Information Services

ITAC Chair

Holly Heller-Ross, Dean of Library and Information Services (E-mail: / Phone: (518) 564-5180)

ITAC Membership

Cindy Fuller (Business Affairs)  
Sarah Cunningham (Institutional Advancement) 
Del Hart (Faculty Senate)    
Heidi Schnackenberg (EHHS)    
Justin Zhang (SBE)    
Cathy Moulton (Student Affairs)   
Parker O’Mara (Library)    
Elizabeth Bernat (Academic Affairs)   
Sandra Latourelle 

Student Representatives
Morgan Hill, S.A. Representative (Student Ex-Officio for Technology & P.R. for SA)
Charles Sanchez, Pres. SA

Chairs of Standing Committees

Justin Zhang, Chair, Teaching, Learning, Technology Advisory Group (TLTAG)
Hap Wheeler, Chair, Information Security Committee

ITAC Meeting Notes for October 21, 2010 

Contact Information

For more information about Library and Information Services, please contact:

Holly Heller-Ross, Dean
Library and Information Services
SUNY Plattsburgh
2 Draper Avenue, Plattsburgh, NY 12901
Phone: (518) 564-5180
Fax: (518) 564-5100