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Eberly Center for Teaching Excellence, "Teaching Best Practices." This is perhaps my favorite online resource. It is clean and absolutely loaded with interesting and challenging ideas for improving teaching. The "Using Technology" section is especially interesting; the tools and examples of teaching with technology make sense and are very engaging. The IrYdium Project and ChemCollective are fascinating sources of science tutorials, virtual labs, and advice for teaching in the sciences.

University of Delaware

Center for Teaching Effectiveness, "Best Practices in Higher Education." There is a great deal on this page that is intended specifically for the faculty at UD, however, this site is valuable for one post in particular: L. Dee Fink's adaptation of his book Creating Significant Learning Experiences: An Integrated Approach to Designing College Courses, 2003. "A Self-directed Guide to Designing Courses for Significant Learning," is a 34 page document that provides a reflective, step by step blueprint for course design and assessment.

Honolulu Community College

Faculty development site. This is a very crowded site, which is both its strength and weakness. The developers of the site have included a great many issues that pertain to teaching, from assessment to learning theories, with a good number of quick tips that address all kinds of questions about teaching. If you're looking for some quick ideas -- check it out.

Resources Available at the CTE

Faculty are welcome to stop by and sign out any of our texts.

Virtual Labs for the Sciences

Virtual labs can potentially be a great way to engage the student in learning outside of the classroom, as well as take advantage of available technology. In particular, I like the idea of virtual labs for the possibility of skill building through repetition and, and sharpening of conceptualization skills through gaming and problem-solving. Here are a few links to various kinds of virtual labs:


Resource center from the National Health Museum, Biology, Geology, Paleontology; interactive labs and online tours of museums. The Visible Human Project (NIH National Museum of Medicine) is very cool.

Geology online labs

Skill building in "observation, measurement, and data analysis."

Biology and Physiology

Chemistry online labs


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