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One of the many services that the Office of Sponsored Research and Programs offer are performing funding searches in order to meet an individual's specific project in mind. After hearing the specific nature of one's project, we perform a search by using InfoEd's SPIN Search program. If you would like to do this on your own the web address is below, but please keep in mind that it is very time consuming and we offer it as a service to you.

Additionally, we use another program of InfoEd's called SMARTS/GENIUS. This program performs a search once keywords are entered, and then e-mails the user whenever funding opportunities arise that involve the user's interests. However, because this is a paid program our office wishes to monitor SMARTS/GENIUS in order to be aware of what funding is available for which faculty members. If you are interested in the SMARTS/GENIUS program, please contact Michael Simpson by email at michael.simpson@plattsburgh.edu or Marianne Wemette at marianne.wemette@plattsburgh.edu or by phone at (518) 564-2155

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New York State and United University Professions Programs

Professional Development Individual Award Program (PDIAP)

The State of New York/United University Professions Professional Development & Quality of Worklife Committee’s Individual Development Awards Program is intended to assist eligible full-time and part-time employees in the Professional Services Negotiating Unit (08) in the development of their full professional potential in preparing for advancement. Up to a maximum of $1,000 per proposal may be awarded (average award is $200—$350).

NYS/UUP Campus Grants & Campus Grants on Technology

In the past, the State of New York and United University Professions mutually agree upon the following objectives for campus grants:

  • Encourage cooperative problem solving;
  • Strengthen professional development;
  • Enhance the quality of working life and the creative use and understanding of technology;
  • Foster safer working conditions, while expanding affirmative action programs;
  • Provide professional enrichment opportunities;
  • Increase communication.

Additional Joint Labor Management Programs

  • Grants for Employees with Disabilities
  • Special Project Funds
  • Wright Memorial Safety & Health Training Program
  • Enrollment Enhancement Program
  • Employment Counseling & Placement Program
  • Retraining Fellowship Program

For more information on Joint Labor Management programs, call 518-564-2155. Online at: www.plattsburgh.edu/offices/admin/sponsoredresearch/

Dr. Nuala McGann Drescher Affi rmative Action/Diversity Leave Program

This program is intended to enhance employment opportunities for minority group members, women, employees with a disability, or Vietnam-era veterans in the Professional Services Negotiating Unit (08) by assisting them to prepare for permanent or continuing appointment within SUNY. In the past, these leaves were for one full semester and covered both salary replacement and project-related expenses. This program in not accepting applications until a negotiated and signed collective bargaining agreement is in place.

Contact Information

For more information about sponsored research at SUNY Plattsburgh, please contact

Michael Simpson, Director
Office: Kehoe 815
Phone: (518) 564-2155
Email: simpsome@plattsburgh.edu

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