American Democracy Project at Plattsburgh

Centers and Institutes

Brief History of the American Democracy Project at Plattsburgh State

Plattsburgh State is a member of the American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU) which has, in conjunction with The New York Times, created the American Democracy Project, a project designed to encourage students to civic mindedness through experience, and to focus attention on the civic value of the college experience.

In spring 2003 a campus group of those with both strong and on-going interests in civic engagement was formed in order to begin a campus audit of current campus civic-engagement projects.

The campus wants to:

  • highlight what is currently being done at SUNY Plattsburgh to inculcate meaningful civic engagement;
  • bring greater recognition to those Plattsburgh State programs involved in civic-engagement projects;
  • increase the understanding of higher education's role in fostering civic engagement;
  • further encourage students, staff, and faculty to become engaged in civic pursuits;
  • highlight SUNY Plattsburgh's mission of service to this region.