Special Collections College Archives Index

The following index shows materials archived in Special Collections in SUNY Plattsburgh's Feinberg Library. You can also download a PDF of this index. (Note: this file requires the latest version of Acrobat Reader, which is available as a free download).

A. Administration

A/2 College Council
A/21 Board of Managers
A/22 Board of Visitors
A/23 Plattsburgh College Foundation

A/3 College President
A/31 Assistant for Business Affairs
A/311 Budget Officer
A/313 Coordinator of Facilities Planning
A/3131 Campus Development and Construction
     New College Library
     Hawkins Hall
A/3132 Cornerstone Layings and Dedications; Building History
A/32 Assistant for College Relations
A/321 College Prospectuses/Strategic Planning
A/322 Speakers Bureau Directory
A/323 Faculty Newsletter
     Faculty Forum
     The Ivory Tower
     Faculty Times
     Faculty Notes

A/324 College Activities (notices, programs, publicity)
A/325 Plattsburgh Magazine
A/326 Plattsburgh Weekly; Accent: Plattsburgh State; Insight; This Week
A/327 Focus
A/328 Tomorrow's News Today
     News from the Public Information Office
A/33 President's Cabinet (formerly Executive Council)
A/34 College Organization and Committees
A/341 Black Studies Task Force
A/342 Mission Review Task Force
A/343 Planning Day
A/35 Annual Reports
A/36 Memos from the President's Office
A/361 Daily Calendars, 1964-1974, M. Mooney, Asst. to the President
A/37 President's Special Reports
A/38 Presidential Committees, Commissions, etc.
A/39 Master Plan and the Plattsburgh Plan

A/40 Grants Office
A/401 Office of Personnel and Affirmative Action
A/402 Microfilm:

  • College Annual Reports (1947-1968)
  • Board of Visitors Minutes (1944-1954)
  • College Executive Council Minutes (March 21, 1952-May13, 1968)
  • College Council Minutes (1954-1968)
  • Benevolent & Educational Association (1945-1966)
  • Faculty-Student Association (1966-1968)

A/4 Vice-President for Academic Affairs
A/41 Educational Policies Council
A/42 Graduate Council
A/43 Faculty teaching loads, schedules, assignments and course syllabi
A/44 Elective courses
A/45 Memos from Vice President's Office
A/46 Liberal Arts Program
A/47 General Education
A/49 Centers and Research Institutions
A/491 Center for the Study of Canada
A/492 Center for Diversity, Pluralism, and Inclusion
A/493 Claude J. Clark Learning Center
A/494 Career Development Center
A/495 Center for Service Learning and Volunteerism
A/4951 Reciprocity (Newsletter)

A/5 Dean of Students
A/50 Memos from Dean of Student's Office
A/51 Admissions and Records
A/511 Enrollment Lists
A/512 Students Directory
A/513 Freshman Orientation
A/5133 Freshman Seminar
A/5134 SUNY Plattsburgh Transfer Guides
A/515 Student Fee Allocation
A/516 Freshman Mentor Network
A/517 First Year Experience
A/52 Office of Campus Life
A/53 Faculty Student Association
A/54 College Foundation (Annual Report & Honor Roll)
A/55 Health Services
A/56 Student Housing
A/57 College Auxiliary Services
A/571 Undergraduate and Graduate Academic Catalogs
A/572 Student Handbooks
A/573 Master Schedules/Course Schedules
A/574 Course Descriptions
A/575 Registration Guidebooks
A/576 Opening Week Schedules
A/58 Placement of Graduates
A/59 Veterans Affairs
A/591 Annual Report of Student Personnel

A/60 Advisement

B. Alumni

B/1 Alumni Association
B/2 Director of Alumni Affairs
B/3 Alumni Publications
B/31 Alumni Directory
B/32 Alumni Reunions and Dinners
B/33 The Plattsburgh Alumnus (newspaper); Plattsburgh State Today; Plattsburgh
State Magazine; Alumni News; Alumni Family Album
B/34 Alumni Scrapbook and Clippings

C. Commencement Activities

C/1 Academic Convocation and Matriculation Ceremonies

D. Continuing Education

D/3 Extension and Resident Courses
D/4 Summer Sessions
D/5 Miner Center

E. Humanities Faculty

E/1 Art Department
E/2 Music Department
E/3 Theater Department
E/4 Language Department
E/5 English Department
E/52 Saranac Review
Z-Platt shelved in periodicals
E/6 Center for Music Drama and Art
E/7 History Department
E/8 Communication Department
E/81 WPLT Program Guides
E/82 National Broadcasting Society Materials

F. Professional Studies Faculty

F/1 Educational Research and Demonstration Center
F/2 Elementary Education
F/3 Home Economics Education
F/4 Nursing
F/41 Telenursing
F/5 Secondary Education
F/6 Health, Physical Education, Recreation
F/7 Counselor Education

G. Science and Mathematics Faculty

H. Social Sciences Faculty

H/1 Social Work and Child and Family Services

I. Faculty

I/1 Faculty Directory
I/1/2 Adjunct Faculty
I/1/3 Campus Telephone Directories
I/1/11 Visiting Lecturer Transcriptions
I/2 Faculty Handbook
I/4 Faculty Publications (individual faculty members) - Shelved with other books in "Faculty Publications" section
I/5 Faculty Senate
I/50 Faculty Senate Agendas, Minutes, Annual Reports, Memorandums
I/501 Faculty Senate Actions
I/51 Committee on Budget and Campus Development
I/53 Committee on Curriculum and Instruction
     Committee on Curricula and Programs
     Committee on Curriculum and Programs
I/54 Committee on Faculty Affairs
I/541 Faculty Senate By-laws
I/55 Faculty Senate Commission on General Education; General Education Committee
I/56 Executive Committee
I/57 Committee on Membership and Elections
I/581 Committee on Graduate Studies
I/582 Committee on Undergraduate Studies
I/584 Student Affairs Committee
I/591 Academic Policies Committee
I/592 Resources and Planning Committee
I/593 College Services Committee
I/594 Presidential Evaluation and Searches
I/6 Personnel Policies Committee
I/7 Faculty Social Committee
I/8 Educational Policies Committee
I/9 Grievances Procedures
I/10 Employee Handbooks
I/11 Chancellor's Award
I/12 Employee Recognition

J. History of the College

J/2 Legislation
J/3 College Evaluations and Accreditations
J/5 Plattsburgh Normal School; Plattsburgh State Teachers' College
J/5/1 Mary E. Benway
J/6 Dr. Charles C. Ward (Pres. 1933-1952)
J/8 Dr. George W. Angell (Pres. 1954-1974)
J/9 Dr. Joseph C. Burke (Pres. 1974-1986)
J/10 Dr. Charles O. Warren (Pres. 1987-1993)
J/11 Centennial Events (Including Bright with Promise)
J/12 Dr. Horace A. Judson (Pres. 1994-2003)
J/13 Dr. John Ettling (Pres. 2005 -)

K. Library

K/2 Library Circulation Statistics: Record Books, 1937-1985
K/3 Library Cues

L. News clippings (scrapbooks)

M. Special Projects and Programs

M/1 Honors Program
M/3 Interfaculty Programs (including showcase)
M/4 International Understanding
M/5 Upward Bound
M/6 General Education
M/7 Women's Concerns/Studies
M/71 Violence Prevention Project
M/8 Internship Program
M/9 Phoenix Program
M/10 Continuing Education
M/11 EOP
M/12 Campus School

N. Students

N/1 Student Association
N/3 Student Publications
N/31 The Cardinal
N/33 Protection Avenue
N/34 The Tower
N/35 Cardinal Points
N/4 Sports
N/5 Other Activities
N/6 Greek Organizations
N/8 Student Papers

O. State University of New York

O/1 S.U.N.Y. Board of Trustees
O/2 S.U.N.Y. Chancellor
O/3 S.U.N.Y. University Faculties Association
O/4 S.U.N.Y. University Faculty Senate
O/41 University Faculty Senate Bulletins
O/5 S.U.N.Y. Publications
O/51 Newsletter
O/52 S.U.N.Y. Conference Reports
O/53 S.U.N.Y. Directory of Facilities
O/54 Other S.U.N.Y. Campus Publications
O/541 Adirondack Community College Publications
O/6 S.U.N.Y. Development and Construction
O/7 Research Foundation and Research Office
O/71 Research Studies
O/72 News from the Research Office
O/73 News from Graduate Studies & Research
O/8 S.U.N.Y. History
O/81 Champlain College

P. Visuals, Audios, Graphics

P/1 Photographic Slides

Q. University of the State of New York

Q/1 U.S.N.Y. Board of Regents

R. Extra-College Organizations

R/1 American Association of University Professors
R/2 N.Y.S. Civil Service Employees Association
R/3 Eastern States Association of Professional Schools for Teachers
R/5 N.Y.S. Teachers Association
R/6 State University Professional Association

S. United University Professions

S/1 Labor Unions

Z. Miscellaneous

Z/1 Relics, Pins
Z/2 Artifacts: Stamps, Boxes Etc., Plaques
Z/3 The Yearling: Plattsburgh State Teachers' College Junior High Yearbook
     (Campus School)
Z/4 The Ballad of Lt. Korby
Z/5 Emmett J. Roach

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