Assessment Advisory Committee

The Assessment Advisory Committee (AAC) engages in a broad-based participatory process to provide consultation and information on policy and procedures relevant to assessment.

The AAC updates the Assessment Record forms used by all campus departments/programs; reviews applications for and awards campus-funded assessment-support grants; sponsors speakers and workshops on assessment; provides consultation on department/unit assessment activities; and proposes policies on and drafts procedures for campus assessment activities.

The membership is broadly representative and includes the Provost (Ex-Officio), the Director of Institutional Research, the Vice President for Academics of the Student Association, a dean, and representatives from all divisions of the institution (members serve staggered three-year terms).

Committee Members 2012-2013

  • Andrew Buckser, Arts and Science
  • Michele Carpentier, Special Programs and Student Support Services
  • Bob Davis, Professor and College Assessment Coordinator (Chair)
  • David Gregoire, Institutional Advancement
  • Bryan Hartman, Student Affairs
  • Bob Karp, Institutional Research
  • Becky Kasper, Center for Teaching Excellence
  • Lauren Kiefer, English
  • Steve Light, Academic Affairs
  • Jason Lee, Accounting
  • Tom Moran, Institute for Ethics in Public Life
  • Todd Moravec, Student Financial Services
  • George Still, EHHS Assessment and Data Manager

Contact Information

To recommend additional materials or to ask questions about Assessment Programs at SUNY Plattsburgh, please contact

Bob Davis, Ph.D.
Office: Beaumont Hall 316
Phone: 518-564-7702