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Traditional Nursing Program Admissions Requirements for Transfer Students

If you are a transfer student interested in becoming a nurse and you do not hold RN Licensure, then you should apply to the traditional nursing program. This program will prepare you to enter the field through intensive coursework and practical experience.

Admission to the traditional nursing program is primarily reserved for students enrolling directly from high school. As a transfer student, you may be considered for this program on a space-available basis. In the last few years, this has meant that only a small number of transfer students have been accepted each year. As such, admission is highly competitive with less than 10% of applicants being accepted per year.

Photo of nursing class at SUNY PlattsburghApplying for Admission

You may apply to the nursing program through the SUNY or Common Application (whichever one you prefer). There is no separate application for the nursing program.

Once you have applied for admission, it is important that you send all required documentation. This includes official transcripts from all previous colleges/universities as well as a Nursing Essay. Your application will not be reviewed for admission until all documents have been received. After applying, you may check your application status by logging into your MyPlattsburgh Account and clicking on the ‘Admissions’ tab.

SUNY Plattsburgh reviews transfer applications to the traditional nursing program for the fall semester only. Applications are due by February 1, and all application materials must be received by March 1 to be eligible for consideration.

Direct Admission

Unlike other baccalaureate nursing programs, SUNY Plattsburgh does not offer a pre-nursing program. This means that if you are accepted for admission to nursing, then you are in the program and do not have to apply again at a later date. As long as you meet all of the progression standards required by the nursing department, you will continue in the program. This ‘direct admission’ is one of the many benefits of our program.

One consequence of direct admission is that there is very little, if any, room in the nursing program for students who enroll at the college as undeclared or as another major. If you are not admitted to SUNY Plattsburgh as a nursing major, then you have little chance of getting into the program as a change of major. As such, applicants who are not selected for nursing are denied admission to the college.

Selection Criteria

Since the number of applicants to nursing far exceeds our capacity, admission is highly competitive. In reviewing candidates, the admissions committee looks for students who have superb academic records and a demonstrated commitment to the field of nursing. Candidates are reviewed based on the following criteria:

Primary Criteria:

  • Cumulative GPA (3.25 or higher cumulative GPA across all institutions recommended)
  • Grades in Prerequisite Courses (‘B’ or higher grade recommended)
  • Completion of Prerequisite Courses
    • Required courses for transfer admission to nursing include: General Chemistry (CHE 101 or 111), General Biology (BIO 101) or Intro to Organic and Biochemistry (CHE 271), General Psychology (PSY 101), Survey of Human Development* (PSY 311), and Microbiology* (BIO 202 or 203). *If only one of these two courses (PSY 311 or BIO 202/203) is missing, an applicant may still be considered for transfer admission. 
    • Preferred courses for transfer admission to nursing include: Introduction to Sociology (SOC 101), Human Nutrition (FNI 211), and Statistics (MAT 161). 
  • Nursing Essay (500 words or less) - Explain your interest in the nursing program at SUNY Plattsburgh and your career aspirations in the field of nursing.  Your essay may include any additional information that will support your application to nursing, such as qualities and/or experience that you may possess. 
  • Courses in Progress for the Spring Semester (if applicable).  Many colleges will list courses in progress on your transcript; however, if your college does not include this information on the transcript, or the spring semester is the first time you are attending the college, you will need to send a list of courses, including the course prefix and number, the title of the course, and the number of credits for each course. This list is necessary to determine your enrollment in prerequisite courses.

Secondary Criteria:

  • Related Experience
  • Demonstrated Commitment to Nursing Profession
  • Professionalism
  • Written Communication Skills

The secondary criteria are typically demonstrated through letters of recommendation, the written transfer essay (required), resume, etc. Related experience is certainly valued and will be taken into account on an individual basis. Please note: Meeting any or all criteria listed above does not guarantee admission.


Due to program sequencing in Nursing, we do not admit to the junior year.  The nursing program itself is a three-year sequence, regardless of the number of semesters/years you have completed prior to admission. 

Notification Dates

Decisions will be mailed by March 25 for the fall semester. The dates for nursing acceptances are later than other programs because of the selection process. We are not able to notify students sooner than this date.

Upon acceptance, you will have until May 1, or thirty days from the date of your acceptance if acceptance is after April 1 (unless otherwise noted in your acceptance letter), to decide if you wish to enroll at SUNY Plattsburgh. If you do wish to enroll, you will need to pay your admissions deposit. If you do not pay your admissions deposit by the deadline indicated in your acceptance letter, the acceptance will be forfeited and your seat will be offered to another candidate.


Should you have any questions about the traditional nursing program, please do not hesitate to contact the Admissions Office. We can be reached by calling (518) 564-2040 or by email at


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