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International Students Who Wish to Waive Health Insurance

All international students within the State University of New York (SUNY) system are required to enroll in the SUNY health insurance coverage or show proof of comparable coverage.  Therefore, you are automatically enrolled with HTH Worldwide for insurance for the upcoming semester. If you wish to waive the SUNY health insurance and its fees, you must submit proof of COMPARABLE health care coverage EACH YEAR

In order to comply with federal, state, and SUNY regulations, waiver requests will be managed centrally by SUNY Systems Administration through an online waiver processing site.

Instructions For Making A Waiver Request

As indicated on the SUNY website, the deadline for completing the online waiver request process is October 15 for the 2015-2016 academic year. The process and requirements are explained on the website. We strongly suggest downloading, printing, and completing the SUNY Plattsburgh International Student Health Insurance Waiver WORKSHEET prior to logging into the online waiver processing site because “you will have only one opportunity to complete this online form” and “applications with missing or incomplete documentation will be denied.”. In addition to the completed worksheet, you should have the following supporting documents before starting the online waiver request:

1.    Insurance policy of the plan you are attempting to use to waive indicating coverage amounts in US dollars
2.    Date of insurance coverage for the current academic year
3.    Identification card issued by the insurance company

Note that all documents must be in English and any form of currency must be in US dollars.

If your online request for a waiver is denied, you can appeal the decision directly to SUNY. You must request reconsideration by submitting the completed worksheet with the required signatures, as well as copies of the supporting documents you used when completing the worksheet. GEO can assist by scanning and emailing the packet of materials to the insurance liaison for our campus. The results of the appeal decision are final. GEO does not have the authority to question or change the decision on the health insurance waiver requests.


Contact Information

If you have any questions about international education, admission, or financial aid at SUNY Plattsburgh, please contact:

Global Education Office
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Kehoe Administration Building, Room 210
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Phone: 1-(518)-564-3287
Fax: 1-(518)-564-3292
Email: GEO@plattsburgh.edu
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