What Is "Short-Term" Study Abroad?

Many students want to study abroad before they graduate but are concerned that they will miss important coursework on campus while they are away for an entire semester. If you really want to go for an entire semester, our staff can usually help you find a program that will meet your academic and personal needs.  If you'd prefer to study during a school break such as winter session or spring break, you will spend less time abroad but will have the benefit of not missing a semester at your home campus.

At SUNY-Plattsburgh we offer different short-term programs every semester.  You will also hear these programs called "faculty-led" programs because they are directed and sponsored by individual faculty members.  The trips they offer vary according to the faculty members interests, and always incorporate academic study and credit.  Typically you will enroll in a class called "INT-360" for the semester that includes your short-term study experience.  This class will meet several times on campus before you take your group trip.  Students must be physically present for all class meetings and obligations, as well as the travel portion of the program.  The faculty sponsor travels with the group and handles course assignments and grading. 

The Office of Study Abroad and Exchanges is not a travel agency, so these short term trips are usually offered in conjunction with a respected educational tour company who arranges the group travel details.  Watch for announcements on our website in early fall semester for the trips that will be offered the following winter and spring.  These trips are generally space limited and fill up quickly so acceptance is first-come, first-served.  Be prepared to leave a significant deposit (approximately $250 or more) to secure your spot when you apply.

Short-Term Study Abroad Programs at SUNY Plattsburgh

Summer 2014 Programs

Please visit the Global Education Office (GEO) in Kehoe 210 for application instructions or more information about about any of the exciting short term study abroad adventures below.

Czech Republic and Germany: Study Abroad in Criminology 

This program offers an unique opportunity to study criminal justice in Europe.  Prerequisites for this program include CRI 250 (Introduction to Criminology and the Criminal Justice System) and one of the following: CRI 353 (Punishment and Society), CRI 354 (Policing and Society), or CRI 357 (Courts and Criminal Procedure).  Please note that dates and cost are subject to change without notice. 

Program Summary

This program examines crime and deviance in an international context, with a focus on one country – The Czech Republic.  The course begins with a broad introduction to comparative criminology and criminal justice; measuring cross-national crime, criminality, and victimization; and historical, cultural, and political topics related to the study abroad.  The course will focus on how Czech law enforcement, courts, and correctional systems respond to criminality as well as particular crime problems, such as drugs (pervitin, also known as methamphetamine), smuggling and trafficking, organized crime, and issues with race and crime.  Site visits may include Pankrác prison and museum/memorial, police facility, courthouse, Terezín (Theresienstadt concentration camp), methamphetamine treatment center, victim-centered activity (Domestic Violence service provider and/or human trafficking NGO), customs facility, communist museum with an extend program on communism’s legacy in Czech society and justice, and various cultural activities, such as Prague Castle, a traditional Czech restaurant, a dinner cruise on the Vltava, and a cultural program or two at the US Embassy’s American Center (they are free, usually of high quality).  A site visit to Nuremberg, Germany will be included.  The SUNY Plattsburgh faculty member as well as Czech experts, many of whom hold PhDs and are well published, will provide the lectures for the students while in the Czech Republic. Dr. Melzer will provide 4-6 lectures within the Czech Republic.

  • Lead Faculty Member: Dr. Sharon Melzer
  • Locations: Prague and Nuremburg
  • Companion Course: CRI 490 Study Abroad in Comparative Criminology (six credits)
  • Approximate Travel Dates: May 23-June 20, 2014 (dates may change based on flight availability and prices) 
  • Estimated Cost: $5,400 (subject to change without notice); scholarships and other financial aid available 
  • Application Deadline: March 28, 2014

India: Gender and Women's Studies at the University of Hyderabad and Women's Worlds Congress  

This program is an exciting opportunity for GWS students to travel to Hyderabad to attend the Women's Worlds Conference.  Second semester sophomores with at least 9 GWS credits are eligible to apply.  Permission of Instructor (POI) is required.  Please contact the professor or GEO for specific course prerequisites.  Please note that dates and costs are subject to change without notice.    

Program Summary

This summer, for three weeks in August 2014, the Department of Gender and Women's Studies offers students a unique opportunity to travel to Hyderabad, India, for Women's Worlds Congress 2014, an international gathering of feminist scholars and activists held once every three years and for the first time in India. Led by Dr. Susan Mody, this group travel experience provides an introduction to global feminisms in one of the world's most stimulating cultural locations.  Two weeks of study at the University of Hyderabad will focus attention on key issues of women and gender studies in India with field trips to explore the vibrant local context, a city both old and new, once a kingdom of the Mughal Empire--city of the Nawabs--and today a technological hub in India's dynamic economy. Students will stay in the international hostel on the University's spacious campus, meet feminist writers and Telugu film producers, investigate intersections of gender with caste in fields of law, ecology, religion and media, visit community-based sites of engagement and centers for research. We will explore Hyderabad's fascinating historical sites, famous cuisine and bustling bazaars. The week of Women's Worlds Congress follows, bringing vitally diversified interaction with significant perspectives and issues of women and women's movements from around the world. This 12th Women's Worlds interdisciplinary gathering features a range of events and sessions connected to the theme "Gender in a Changing World."  Students will develop critical responses to important debates, fresh insights for reflection, and transformative views of self in the world.  

  • Lead Faculty Member: Dr. Susan Mody
  • Location: Hyderabad
  • Companion Course: GWS 300DTA (seven credits)
  • Approximate Travel Dates: August 3-23, 2014 (dates may change based on flight departures and arrivals)
  • Estimated Cost: $5,024 (subject to change without notice); scholarships and other financial aid available 
  • Application Deadline: April 25, 2014  



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