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Thesis Format

A typical thesis contains the following sections:

  1. Introduction (7-10 pages):
    1. a. Purpose of the study.
    2. b. Statement of the problem:
      1. 1.a.1. Research questions and propositions.
    3. c. Significance of the study.
    4. d. Methodology:
      1. 1.d.1. Research design methodology.
      2. 1.d.2. Data collection methodology.
    5. e. Limitations of the study:
      1. 1.e.1 Limitations of case study/qualitative studies in general.
      2. 1.e.2. Limitations of this particular case study.
  2. Review of the literature (20 plus pages):
    1. a. Covering all relevant sections of literature re: research questions and propositions.
    2. b. Also occurs throughout thesis as needed.
  3. Data collection & results presentation (7 plus pages):
  4. Discussion of results (12-15 pages):
    1. a. As they relate to your original research questions and propositions.
    2. b. As they relate to the existing literature.
  5. Conclusions (1 page):
    1. a. What does this all mean?
    2. b. Recommendations for future research.
  6. References:
    1. a. Use the APA style for citations.
  7. Appendix A....N:
    1. a. Contains any and all supporting documentation such as:
      1. 7.a.1. Cover letters and survey instruments.
      2. 7.a.2. Aggregate raw survey results.
      3. 7.a.3. Archival data/historical documents.


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