Latin American Studies Program - National Model OAS

Plattsburgh's Participation in the Organization of American States (OAS) Model Assembly

While the world becomes more interdependent and complex, organizations like the OAS, become more important for world harmony. Because the OAS is so dedicated to peace and democratic processes, we feel a greater integration of people, especially students would benefit, by taking part in shaping foreign policy.

Our Model of Organization of American States (MOAS) like the OAS deals with the problems currently plaguing our societies. The students propose viable alternatives to the problems of national deficit, poverty, narco-trafficking and the like. The MOAS resolutions are read by the OAS members and provide input to foreign policy making. The MOAS agenda continually stresses respect of human rights, social and economic well-being and non-violent conflict resolution.

The students develop within themselves an understanding of such central international relations issues as recognition of national self-interest within a context of international respect, and sensitivity towards national cultural differences. Through active participation leadership development occurs, where students experience the value of compromise by copying with the frustration of and international committee process.

2000 Model OAS: Peru

1999 Model OAS: Argentina
The group for 1999 reached eighteen, including one student from the Universidad del Salvador (Buenos Aires) and one from the Universidad de Chile (Santiago).

1998 Model OAS: Guatemala
Fifteen Plattsburgh State students participated in this year's Assembly held in Washington, D.C. March 30 through April 3. Students from 34 colleges and universities, representing countries from across the Western Hemisphere, met to discuss and debate resolutions, which provide a model for resolving problems faced by these nations. Plattsburgh State students, representing Guatemala, were extensively recognized for their leadership and qualities of preparation and performance.

1997 Model OAS
Dominican Republic. Stuart Voss and Anita Rapone led the SUNY Plattsburgh delegation to the 1997 Model General Assembly of the Organization of American States held in Washington, D.C. April 7-11. Twelve students, majors and minors, participated. Representing the Dominican Republic, the team consolidated Plattsburgh's role as a major player in this annual event. One of our students served as the elected Chair of the Educational, Technological, and Cultural Committee. Professor Rapone served on the MOAS Steering Committee of Faculty Advisors for the first of a two-year term.

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