Senior Projects

History majors at Plattsburgh cap their studies by writing an original work of historical scholarship. Students are assigned to work with faculty mentors in designing and carrying out this intensive research project.

Registration for the Senior Project (HIS 485/486/490) requires formal departmental approval of a formal project proposal. Proposal materials are available in the History Department Office.

A sampling of senior projects from recent semesters:

Fall 2013

  • Keith Black, "The Erie Wars: The Amputation of the Invisible Hand"
  • Megan Wyand, "Disney's not so Failed Attempt at Pocahontas"
  • Ralph Cisario, "Thomas Muntzer: The Evolution of his Theology"
  • Katie Ryan, "People of the Land and Sea. A Short Story"
  • Stefab Ramirez, "For Whom the Bell Tolls: The Lincoln Brigade"
  • Joshua Weinstein, "Who's Julia? An American Sitcom"
  • Jessica Trevail, "Florence Nightingale and American Civil War Nurses"
  • Thomas Easttey, "Bartitsu to Jujutsu: Britain's Changing Masculine Sports Culture"

Spring 2013

  • Paige Dustin, “Liberty and Justice for Some? The Impact of Johnson v. M’Intosh and Fletcher v. Peck on Native American Sovereignty”
  • Stephanie Burrows, “Discipline in Salem: a Role Reversal”
  • Phoebe Nolan, “The Oka Crisis – A Legacy of Broken Promises”
  • Jamie Knapp, “The Walking Dead: Women and Children in Rwanda after the Genocide”
  • Rob Brandes, “Not ‘On Bended Knee’: Left Leaning Newspapers’ Reaction to Ronald Reagan’s Foreign Policy Speeches”
  • Conner Ferguson, “Indigenous Child Removal in the United States and Australia: A Teacher Resource Guide”
  • Vanessa Traves, “The Great Canadian Whispering Campaign: Good Girls, Bad Girls, and the Policing of Women’s Sexuality in the CWAC During WWII”
  • Michael Pelzer, “Military Training and Human Rights: Hugh Thompson and William Calley, a Comparative Analysis of Actions in My Lai”
  • Justin Spear, “Robert Moses: Public Servant or Public Enemy?”

Fall 2012

  • Umberto Angilletta, “No Replastering, the Structure is Rotted: A Transnational Examination of Youth Social Dissatisfaction and Revolutionary Dissent in the 1960s-70s”
  • Whitney Derocher, "Teaching Frederick Douglass: A Classroom Guide"
  • Doug LaFlamme, “David Hume, Philosopher-Historian”
  • Matthew MacDonald, “Weapons, Oil, and Politics: U.S. Relations with Saudi Arabia Surrounding the 1973 OPEC Embargo”
  • Stephen Minchin, “‘Fair Day’s Wage for a Fair Day’s Work’: The Value of Work in the 19th Century Cotton Industry, 1821-1854”
  • Rachel Miraglia, “Anti-Semitism in Canada in the 1930s: A Comparative look at Quebec and Alberta”
  • Ethan Ross, “Eugenics in America: Fear, Racism, and Social Change”
  • Justin Holzer, “Entertaining Memory: Gettysburg’s American Commemoration in 1938 and 1963”
  • Gladimir Sanon, “Executive Order 9981: How Harry Truman Desegregated the Armed Forces”
  • Jake Spurr, “Oral History as a Method of Historical Research: A Retrospective Analysis”

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