History Faculty — Dr. James Rice


Photo of James RiceEducation

  • Ph.D., University of Maryland, College Park, 1994.
  • B.A., Colorado College, 1985.

Teaching Areas

  • Early America.
  • Atlantic history.
  • Native America/First Nations.
  • Historical methodology.

Research Areas

  • Native America: An Environmental History (book in progress).
  • The Powhatan Uprising of 1622

Recent Publications

  • "Bacon's Rebellion in Indian Country." Forthcoming in the Journal of American History.
  • “Beyond the ‘Ecological Indian’ and the ‘Columbian Exchange’: Contemporary Writing on Native Americans and the Environment.” Forthcoming in History Compass.
  • Tales from a Revolution: Bacon's Rebellion and the Transformation of Early America (Oxford University Press, 2012; Audiobook and paperback editions, 2013). History Book Club and BOMC2 selection.
  • “Environment,” in Karen Kupperman, ed., American Centuries: The Ideas, Issues, and Trends that Made U.S. History, Volume One: The Sixteenth Century (MTM Publishing, 2011).
  • “Environment,” in John Demos, ed., American Centuries: The Ideas, Issues, and Trends that Made U.S. History, Volume Two: The Seventeenth Century (MTM Publishing, 2011).
  • “Into the Gap: Ethnohistorians, Environmental History, and the Native South.” Native South (2011).
  • Nature and History in the Potomac Country: From Hunters and Gatherers to the Age of Jefferson (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2009).
  • "Introduction," in Voices from Colonial America: Maryland, 1634-1776, by Robin Doak (National Geographic, 2007) (historical consultant for the volume).
  • "Escape from Tsenacommacah: Chesapeake Algonquians and the Powhatan Menace, 1300-1624," in Peter Mancall, ed., The Atlantic World and Virginia (UNC Press, 2007).
  • "Evangelicals and the Invention of Community in Western Maryland," Maryland Historical Magazine 101 (Spring 2006), 26-54.

Contact James Rice

Office: Champlain Valley Hall, 223
Phone: (518) 564-5213
Email: ricejd@plattsburgh.edu