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Criminal Justice Faculty — Dr. Monica Ciobanu

Associate Professor

Dr. Monica Ciobanu joined the faculty at State University of New York College at Plattsburgh in the fall of 2005 after completing her Ph.D. in Sociology at the Graduate Faculty of Political and Social Science at the New School for Social Research in New York. Her interdisciplinary research agenda falls in two separate but related areas: issues of democratization in East and Central Europe and the problematic of memory and justice in post-communist countries. In fall 2009, Dr. Ciobanu was a visiting research fellow at the Center for East European Studies at the University of Glasgow in Scotland and during summer 2011 her research in Bucharest, Romania at the National Council for Securitate (Secret Police) Archives was funded through a Title VIII grant. On campus, Dr. Ciobanu has developed collaborative relationships with the Honors Program, the Institute of Ethics in Public Life, the Department of Gender and Women’s Studies and the Center for the Study of Canada. Dr. Ciobanu is regularly invited to review manuscripts and grant proposals in the area of East European studies. Currently she is a recipient of a SUNY Plattsburgh Redcay Award for research and serves on the board of the Society for Romanian Studies.


  • Ph.D. in Sociology, Graduate Faculty for Political and Social Science at the New School for Social Research, 2005.
  • M.A. in Gender Studies, Graduate Faculty for Political and Social Science at the New School for Social Research, 1998.
  • B.A. in Sociology, Faculty of Sociology at the University of Bucharest, Romania, 1993.

Teaching Areas

  • Political sociology.
  • Sociology of law.
  • Human rights.

Research Areas

  • Problems of democracy, including transitions to democracy, party systems, civil society.
  • Transitional justice and historical memory.
  • Human rights.

Selected Publications (recent and forthcoming)

  • “Recent Restorative Justice Measures in Romania (2006-2010)” (forthcoming in 2013, Problems of Post-Communism).
  • April 2011: “Rewriting and Remembering Romanian Communism: Some Controversial Issues”, Nationalities Papers, Vol. 39, Number 3, pp. 205-221.
  • January 2010: “Communist Regimes, Legitimacy and the Transition to Democracy in Eastern Europe”, Nationalities Papers, Vol. 38, Number 1, pp. 3-21.
  • September 2009: “Reconstructing the Role of the Working Class in Communist and Postcommunist Romania”, International Journal of Politics Culture and Society, Vol. 22, Number 3, pp. 315-333.
  • March 2009: “Criminalizing the Past and Reconstructing Collective Memory: The Romanian Truth Commission”, Europe-Asia Studies, Vol. 61, Number 2, pp. 315-338.

Curriculum Vitae

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Office: Redcay Hall 144
Phone: (518) 564-3319