Graduate Transfer Program

Articulation agreement between SUNY Plattsburgh and University of Vermont in Burlington

This option is to take as many as four courses at Plattsburgh. Upon admission to the master's program in computer science at the University of Vermont (U.V.M.) in Burlington, up to 12 credit hours from the four graduate courses specified below will be transferable provided a grade of B (3.00) or better in each course was received and assuming the courses have not been used to satisfy the requirements for another degree. Information on admission to the master's program in computer science at the University of Vermont in Burlington is available from the their website In particular, see the Guide to the Master of Science Program in Computer Science.

SUNY Plattsburgh/U.V.M. Articulation Agreement
SUNY Plattsburgh Graduate Courses University of Vermont Equivalent Courses
CSC 522 Theory of Computation CS 243 Theory of Computation
CSC 533 Operating Systems CS 201 Operating Systems
CSC 541 Database Management Systems CS 204 Database Systems
CSC 545 Knowledge Representation and Inference CS 251 Artificial Intelligence


  1. Graduate courses are open only to graduate students or undergraduates who are within 15 credits of graduation.
  2. Students can receive credit for a graduate computer science course only if they have not received credit for its undergraduate counterpart.
  3. SUNY Plattsburgh undergraduate computer science students who plan to enroll in this program are advised to take CSC 533 when they are within 15 credits of graduation and apply for permission to substitute another upper division course for CSC 433. (In this way, they will be able to transfer CSC 533 to U.V.M.).
  4. The four courses offered at Plattsburgh that are recognized for graduate credit will not be offered every semester and, if enrollments are insufficient, perhaps not even every year. Students should be aware, however, that they can travel to U.V.M. and take other required courses for the master's degree as need be to complete the program in a timely manner.

Transfer to Other Graduate Programs

Another option is to take graduate computer science courses at Plattsburgh and then transfer to another graduate program. Note: Admission to another graduate program and transfer of courses is at the discretion of the other university; this applies even to SUNY schools. The following links can be helpful in finding the right graduate program for you.

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