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Audio Labs

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The Audio Laboratories are located in Yokum Hall. Our audio labs are used for voice capture, music selection (from our extensive, licensed music and sound effects library), selecting and creating sound effects (Foley work), audio processing, multitrack mixing, and CD production. You will get training and hands-on preparation using both analog and digital audio equipment to be ready for future job sites (where both older and newer equipment might be encountered).

You will use the Audio Labs to complete various projects for the different courses we offer. These projects include both introductory/training productions as well as advanced productions (often created for off-campus clients) that contribute to your final audio, video, and digital media portfolios.

The labs are most frequently used by audio-radio and TV-video production students, but are also frequented by many broadcast journalist and digital media majors.

The labs consists of two voice capture/processing studios, a music-processing room, and an all-purpose, digital audio workstation area located in the outer lab facility.

The Audio Labs are located in the lower level of the western wing in the Yokum Communications Lecture Hall building.

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