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Audio Lab 3

Expand Your Skills in the Music Processing & Surround Lab

Surround sound equipment in Lab 3
students create recordings as a part of ATI Productions

Audio Lab 3 is a processing-only studio that is reserved for advanced students, such as those working with "ATI Productions" (a part of the CMM408 Audio Field Recording course).

Gain Experience and Build Your Portfolio with ATI Productions

In ATI Productions, students work with local music directors to schedule and capture various live music performances, both on-campus and in the local community. Then they develop their engineering skills and expertise by creating professional recordings for these directors and artists. Through this process, students not only fine-tune their processing skills, but build a more extensive portfolio that will help them to transition into various positions in the music recording and live sound industries.

Start with Fieldwork and Finish Your Project in the Lab

In Lab 3, you will have access to a variety of both studio and field recording equipment to assist you with your production goals. Field recordings are accomplished with access to over a dozen different microphones, including Shure SM57's, Shure SM58's, Shure SM81's, Rode matched pair NT-5's, and others. Audio capture can be completed with a Yamaha 16 Channel AW-16G HD Recorder, a Tascam two channel HD-P2 Flash recorder, or with various Zoom two-channel flash records (H4, H2, or H2n).

Back in Lab 3, processing transfer and processing is accomplished with one of two digital audio workstations. One firewire-ready workstation is configured with Adobe Audition and an appropriate pair of near-field monitors. The other is configured with CD label design software.


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