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Audio Lab 2

Take the Next Step in the Advanced Audio Training & Production Lab

The mixing console in Audio Lab 2
voice capture work in Audio Lab 2
playing the music keyboard

Audio Lab 2 is a voice-capture and processing studio that is reserved for advanced audio & video production engineers (students that have successfully completed CMM232 Basic Audio Production). To gain access to this facility you need to be enrolled in one of the advanced audio production courses (either CMM428 Advanced Radio Production, offered every spring semester, or CMM464 Digital Audio Recording Applications offered every fall semester).

Build on Your Experience and Polish Your Skills

You will have the opportunity to work with a variety of analog equipment including cassette and reel-to-reel tape recorders — as well as host of digital devices that includes Compact Disc (CD), MiniDisc (MD), Digital Versatile Disc (DVD), and a digital audio workstation (with Adobe Audition).

Continue Training for Studio and Live Sound

The heart of this lab is a 12 channel Behringer Eurorack mixing console that provides continued training for work in music and live sound-related fields. A Shure SM7 microphone provides voice-capture abilities and mixing and signal processing is completed with two JBL studio monitors. The PC-based digital audio workstation lets you handle the capture, processing, and final mixdowns, as well as burning audio and data CDs. In addition, this lab has a MicroKorg Synthesizer/Vocoder, a Roland EG-101 Groove Keyboard, and a fun-to-use Hiwatt Echo-Theremin.

Learn How to Sweeten and Process Sound

This lab is used for a wide range of production projects — from recording voice talent and live sound effects (foley work) — to completing processing work on extensive multitrack productions. The analog equipment (cassette & reel-to-reel) is often used for digital transfer and archival projects. The digital equipment can be used to sweeten audio tracks (for video productions) or even to capture and process basic guitar tracks for more musical compilations.

Don't Forget to Try Out the "Audio Toys"

As well, there are even some hardware and software-based "audio toys" available to help budding engineers complete tracks with unique percussive and synthesized sounds.


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