Suggested Course Sequence

Certificate Program in Communication Disorders & Sciences (31 credits)

Fall Credits Spring Credits
CDS 211 American Sign Language 3 CDS 344 Intro. Hearing and Speech Science 3
CDS 241 Language Development 3 CDS 410 Communication Systems & Disorders 3
CDS 342 Phonetics 3 CDS 443 Aural Rehabilitation 3
CDS 343 Anatomy & Physiology 3 CDS 445 Intro. Articulation and Phonology 3
CDS 345 Intro. Audiology 3 CDS 448 Language Disorders 3
Total Credits Fall 15 CDS 439 Participatory Observation 1
    Total Credits Spring 16

ASHA Certification

The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) requires basic science coursework for post M.A. degree certification. The student’s existing bachelor’s degree should contain one course in biological science, one course in either physics or chemistry, one course in statistics and one course in behavioral and/or social science. You will need to contact Dr. Raymond Domenico, your faculty advisor, to discuss coursework that you may need.

CDS Electives

Students may consider taking additional courses in communication disorders and sciences if their schedule allows.

The options are:

  • CDS 338 Professional Writing (3)
  • CDS 465 Senior Capstone (1)
  • CDS 461 Undergraduate clinical experience (1)

New York State Teacher Certification

If you are interested in obtaining teacher certification at the master’s degree level for Teacher of Students with Speech and Language Disability in New York State, your advisor will give you more details.

If You Already Have Some Courses In Speech Pathology

Some students may transfer in some credits if they have taken courses in communication disorders. If a certain number of credits is needed for financial aid purposes, the you will need to meet with a faculty advisor to discuss additional courses that can be added to your schedule.

Application to the Certificate Program

Application information can be found at the Graduate Admissions Office. Contact or visit


Questions, Comments, Suggestions?

If you would like more information about communication disorders and sciences at SUNY Plattsburgh please contact:

Raymond Domenico, Chair
Office: Sibley Hall 226
Phone: (518) 564-3154

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Communication Disorders and Sciences
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