About the School of Business and Economics


We are pleased that you have selected the SUNY Plattsburgh School of Business and Economics for your undergraduate education. We welcome you to our school and look forward to the opportunity of helping you find personal, professional and career success in the years ahead.

Our Mission

To provide our diverse student population with an affordable, internationally recognized and accredited high quality business education, emphasizing skills for successful careers in the global economy, complemented by experiential learning and exceptional mentoring, and serving as an intellectual resource for the Quebec/New York Corridor and the global community.

Our Faculty

We have 38 full-time faculty within our school 25 hold a Ph.D. in their field. Our faculty is committed to teaching and interaction with our students. They are your greatest resource for your career and future plans. Our faculty is equally committed to being academically and professionally qualified in their respective fields. This means they are active and current in research and publishing on the national and international level in their discipline.

Our Location

SUNY Plattsburgh is a prime location for involvement in "north country" activities and all that we have to offer. If you are an outdoors person you will be at home on the many trails of the Adirondack Mountains, kayaking Lake Champlain, skiing or biking Whiteface Mountain and any of the many mountains of Vermont, or wandering through old Montreal. Our SBE department itself is centrally located on campus in Redcay Hall and only 4 blocks from Lake Champlain.

Our History

The School of Business and Economics began as a part of the Administrative Sciences and Economics Department. During the period from 1969 to 1975 the individual departments of management, marketing and accounting were developed. Shortly after that time the individualized departments expanded to become a school within SUNY Plattsburgh. The School of Business and Economics became accredited by AACSB in 2001, and now offers 11 different majors, and 10 minors.

Our Enrollment

SBE currently enrolls over 1050 undergraduate students. We have reached our goal of enrolling over 200 new students each year and graduating a majority of those students within 4 years or less.

Our Programs

We specialize in the following programs:

Our MIS major is our newest addition, having been approved for students beginning in the spring term of 2009.


Our faculty and staff each offer you the necessary academic, career, personal and professional guidance needed to make the best possible choices at each progressive step toward a degree from SUNY Plattsburgh.


You are given the opportunity to excel as an individual through academic achievement, honorary and service recognition as a member of a team by becoming involved in the many student organizations in SBE, or by becoming a leader. You are encouraged to be the best you can be and to set an example to each other through mentorship, peer tutoring and advising and joint research with faculty.


You are given many opportunities to be involved in the School of Business and Economics. Through careful planning, implementation and review of your academic, personal and career choices you and your faculty will find what best suits you for success.


Our faculty offers you real-life experience and challenges in and out of the classroom. Collectively, our faculty brings a unique dynamic of personal and professional experiences that prepares you for your future.


Our faculty is an active group of scholars, entrepreneurs, leaders, mentors and community volunteers and leaders. The School of Business and Economics has 38 full-time faculty — 25 hold a Ph.D. We are bound by our AACSB accreditation to maintain and renew academic quality of teaching and expertise every five years.


You are encouraged every step of the way to be the best person you can be. Yes, we want you to excel academically, but we also want you to graduate with a sense of personal and professional integrity and ethical sense of the world and community around you.


Our expectation of you is to work hard, become involved, use the tools that are given to you, take risks, learn by your mistakes, and learn to make the best academic, personal and career choices. This is your success story.

Questions, Comments, Suggestions?

If you have any questions about the School of Business & Economics at SUNY Plattsburgh, please contact:

Portrait of Dr. Rowena Ortiz-WaltersDr. Rowena Ortiz-Walters, Dean
Office: Au Sable Hall 331
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