How To Declare, Change, or Add a Major or Minor

If you wish to declare or change your major or minor, please follow all of the simple steps outlined below.

  1. Obtain a copy of our Declaration or Change of Major/Minor/Advisor form. You may do so by either:
  2. Complete the identifying information in Section A. of the form, and take it personally to the department chair of the major you would like to declare. (If you are declaring a minor, look in the section of your college catalog that lists the requirements for minors to find the name of the "minor coordinator.")
    • NOTE: You can make more than one change (for example, adding/deleting a major AND/OR a minor) on the same form.
  3. The department chair of your intended major will review your request (you may be asked for a copy of your transcript or Degree Works audit), assign you to a new academic advisor within the major, and sign the form, which indicates acceptance into the major.
    • NOTE: Some majors are currently closed, meaning they are full to capacity at this time and not accepting new students. Some major programs require cumulative GPAs that are higher than the 2.0 minimum before being accepted into the program. The department chair of your intended major will discuss with you the likelihood or not of entry into that major and/or might recommend certain courses to take prior to applying for that major.
  4. Once you have the signature(s) you need, return the form to the Academic Advising Office in Feinberg 101 for official processing. Within two weeks time, your Degree Works audit will be updated to reflect your new major/minor.

For other related questions

Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions about why, when, and how to declare or change a major at SUNY Plattsburgh.

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