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Placement Assessments

Foreign Language Placement Assessment

Non-credit placement assessments for French and Spanish are given at each Orientation Session. These assessments determine appropriate course level placement. If a student has taken ANY French or Spanish classes/courses prior to attending SUNY Plattsburgh, they need to take the Foreign Language Placement while attending Orientation. If a student does not meet this criteria, other activities organized by the Orientation Staff will be arranged during that time. If you have any questions about this assessment, please contact the Foreign Language Department at (518) 564-2829.

English Placement Assessment

All students must take the English Placement Assessment while attending their Orientation Session. It helps to ensure proper placement that will in turn maximize the potential for a student's success in their English courses. Ultimately, students must complete the two-semester, Written Expression requirement (ENG 100 College Writing I & ENG 101 College Writing II), unless they are eligible to enroll in ENG 101 as a result of the English Placement Assessment. It is extremely important that students register for ENG 100 in their first semester, unless they are eligible to take ENG 101 as a result of the Placement Assessment. Questions about this requirement should be addressed to the English Department, (518) 564-2134.

Calculus (MAT 221, 224, or 228) and Fundamental Principles of Chemistry I (CHE 111) Placement Assessments

Individuals whose major will require them to take a calculus course (MAT 221, MAT 222, or MAT 224: majors include programs under the School of Business and Economics, science, nutrition, and mathematics) and or will require Fundamental Principles of Chemistry I – CHE 111 (majors include Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Cytotechnology, Ecology, Environmental Geology Study Option, Environmental Science (BS ), Geology (BS), Medical Technology, Nutrition, and Physics) are required to take either or both of the placement exams for these courses prior to coming to orientation. The examinations can be found at: – login is required. For questions regarding these two examinations, please contact the Associate Dean of Arts and Science: Phone: (518) 564-3150. Email:

Contact Information

For more information or questions about Student Orientation at SUNY Plattsburgh, please contact:

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Office: Kehoe 602
Phone: (518) 564-3282