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SUNY Plattsburgh Cheerleading Club

About the Cheerleading Club and the club's operating guidelines

The Cheerleading club supports the men’s and women’s basketball teams only at home games (team does not travel), performs half-time shows at home games and attends one competition each year usually in late March. The club is not a varsity sport and is coached by a student who is required to have certification in AACCA National Safety Certification Program and be Adult CPR/AED and First Aid certified. Funded by Student Association.

Student Coaches for 2014-15: Caitlyn Gibiault and Melissa Flathmann


Rules and Guidelines


Must be a full-time SUNY Plattsburgh student and each member must have a signed SUNY Plattsburgh Sports Club Personal Information Form & SUNY Plattsburgh Participation Agreement/Liability Waiver Form on file to participate (If under 18 years of age, liability form must be signed by parent). Each member is responsible to carry personal health insurance. All members are expected to follow regulations stated in SUNY Plattsbugh Sports Club Program Manual.  PLEASE NOTE: All participants must complete participant information and waiver forms which may be downloaded here.  These forms cannot be submitted online but must be completed, printed out, signed, and then submitted to team leaders before one can participate in the program.

Season and Practices

The club has tryouts usually the third week of September and practices until April. No practices will be scheduled during college breaks or finals week.

Try-outs are open to both men and women.  To try out for the cheerleading squad, each individual must have signed forms on file. Tryouts will be judged on dance, cheer, jumps, stunts and gymnastics ability. No more than twenty students will be selected for team by the coach. Each member of the squad is required to attend all practices the week prior to the game. If any member has an unexcused absence(s) from practices that individual may not participate in any stunt during the game. Members of the club are to notify the coach in advance if they are going to miss a practice or game. Stunt practice or performances may only be held in under the direct supervision of the coach.


Each member is responsible for purchasing their own uniform/sneakers as designated by the club.


A student coach hired by the Recreational Sports Director and will be required to serve as safety officer for club. He/she will be responsible for the general safety of all club members during practices/performances/competitions and must have valid CPR/First Aid and AACCA Cheerleading Safety Coaching certification. The coach must be at all practices and competitions. The coach is responsible for attending to an injured participant consistent with CPR/FA standards until trained medical personnel have arrived. All activities of the club will follow AACCA Cheerleading Safety Guidelines.

All members practicing a stunt should know the basic techniques of the stunt, safe-spotting techniques, understand verbal and nonverbal cues and signals before starting any stunt. Proper progressions should always be followed while learning and attempting new skills. All members of a stunt must know safety procedures for safe dismount of a stunt if it "goes wrong". A climber must know techniques for getting up and down before starting. A base must know the method and techniques of dismounting a climber down safely before beginning a stunt. Spotters must be fully informed how to safely spot before a stunt is attempted and have good eye contact with the participant. The main job of the spotter is to protect the head, neck and back. Spotting is hands on and has actual contact with the participant. There should be a "sea of hands" (every cheerleader in a circle around the stunt group) when a new stunt is being practiced. If there are not enough members present at practice of a stunt to follow safety guidelines, a stunt may not be practiced. During practice or a game, only individuals involved in the stunt can stop a stunt from going further. To break a stunt, use "DOWN" to end the stunt. 2 ½ HIGH PYRAMIDS AND BASKET TOSSES ARE PROHIBITED.


Travel arrangements are usually by private cars. The college is not responsible for any damages or injuries related to travel. It is strongly recommended that drivers of personal cars obtain additional insurance. Club members wishing to transport other club members must receive approval prior to traveling. To become an authorized driver, a copy of their driver’s license and the SUNY Plattsburgh Private Vehicle Use form must be submitted to the RSD.  Competition must be within 300 mile radius of Plattsburgh.


Student Association monies maybe used for coaches salary, entry fee for competition, mileage (up to maximum of 300 miles one way) @ .25 per mile, lodging, Individual members are responsible for uniforms and sneakers.

Coach's Responsibilities

The coach will meet with the Recreational Sports Director (RSD) for orientation at the beginning of the fall semester. A Sports Club Manual, Club & Organization Resource Manual and the club’s operating guidelines will be reviewed. All required forms must be submitted to RSC for a member to participate or drive for the club. The SA's Club/Organization Semester Registration and Directory forms are to be submitted to RSD each semester.  The coach is required to be certified in  American Association of Cheerleading Coaches and Administrators National Safety Certification and National Federation of High School  "Concussion in Sports - What you Need to Know. "

The Coach will:

  1. Ensure that all players are SUNY Plattsburgh students (by checking on student locator) and carrying 12 credits.
  2. Only allow students to participate if on approved roster and have signed all required forms.
  3. Ensure that the club and its members are aware of and follow all the operating guidelines by the College’s Recreational Sports program and the Student Association regarding clubs.
  4. Attend any mandatory meetings set forth by the Recreational Sports Director or the Student Association.
  5. Will not allow the club to participate in a half time stunt routine at basketball games unless every member of club is able to do routine safely and have had adequate practice. If club members are not ready to perform a stunt routine safely, the coach must cancel any half-time performance.Failure to do so will result in suspension of club activities.
  6. Will not allow an injured member to participate without a release from qualified medical personnel.
  7. Submit any monies collected to the Recreational Sports Director.
  8. Submit any requests for monies two weeks prior to event if monies will be needed. (lodging, travel or entry fees).
  9. On the Monday following the competition, submit names and addresses for drivers mileage reimbursement. (Drivers can be submitted by e-mail).
  10. Work with RSD to develop budget.


Contact Information

Karen Waterbury, Recreational Sports Associate Director
312 Memorial Hall
101 Broad Street
Plattsburgh NY 12901

Phone: (518) 564-4150
Fax: (518) 564-4155