LIB200 Course: Critical Research Skills

This course focuses on the access, retrieval, and evaluation of information. Students will gain experience analyzing research needs, understanding the information landscape, determining the authority of sources, selecting appropriate research tools, and using information legally and ethically. The course concepts support students' academic, professional and personal information needs. Liberal arts. (Offered Fall/Spring).

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Session ‘A’ Sections

  • Aug. 25 Classes Start
  • Sept. 10 Withdrawal Deadline
  • Sept. 26 Classes End

Session ‘B’ Sections

  • Oct. 20 Classes Start
  • Nov. 5 Withdrawal Deadline
  • Nov. 21 Classes End


  • Due to the short duration of the course, ADDs will not be allowed after the first day the class meets unless you have the permission of the instructor.
  • Students can DROP the course in the first week.
  • For Session ‘B’ students all Add/Drop transactions need to be processed at the Registrar’s office (Kehoe 3rd floor).

Essential Course Information

All students are required to meet the Information and Technology Literacy component of the General Education program by taking the LIB course or passing the Proficiency Exam.

Textbooks for this course vary by section and instructor, but are usually available on Library Reserve.

Tutors for LIB200 are available in the Learning Center - stop by the Learning Center desk to make an appointment. NOTE: Appointments with tutors must be made at least one day in advance.

Contact Information:

Michelle Toth
FL 325
Phone (518) 564-5225