Minor in Chemistry

Our Chemistry Minor Allows You To:

  • Better prepare yourself for your chosen career.
  • Stand out compared to others in your field who lack additional training in chemistry.
  • Add additional skills which set you apart from others.

Chemistry Minor (18–21 credits)

As a basic science, chemistry is fundamental to our understanding of the world, and impacts many disciplines. In fact, many non-chemistry majors such as nutrition, biology, environmental science, and others require anywhere from 8 to 16 credits of chemistry as cognate requirements in their degree programs. Students in these majors often decide to take a few additional chemistry courses and complete the chemistry minor. As a result, the chemistry minor is among the most popular minors at SUNY Plattsburgh.

If you are a student in a program with a strong chemistry component, or are just interested in chemistry, you should inquire about requirements for a minor in chemistry through the chemistry department, or speak with your advisor. A wide choice of courses is available to complete this minor, involving 18-21 credit hours.

Program Requirements


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