Civility and Community Building at SUNY Plattsburgh

The Civility in the Workplace educational initiative began as a joint labor/management initiative in the Fall of 2011 and continued through the Spring of 2012. The initiative is part of SUNY Plattsburgh’s ongoing commitment to an inclusive environment where all employees, students, parents, and guests feel welcome and safe. Our goal is to make SUNY Plattsburgh the best place it can possibly be for all of us.

In the Fall of 2012, the initiative expanded to encompass community building as a major theme for SUNY Plattsburgh.

Major components of the initiative include:

Civility in the Workplace Survey: The October 2011 Civility in the Workplace Survey was distributed to all employees through Zoomerang or a mailing. The survey helped us to establish a baseline for the campus community on what we consider to be civil/acceptable behavior. The survey also helped us to identify problem areas and work on solutions for the future.  A follow-up survey is planned for the future. Download Summary of Civility Survey (PDF file size 229KB).

“Research on workplace civility confirms that a civil workplace is essential for good customer service, employee retention and productivity, and overall workplace health...” -

Civility Poster Contest: In November of 2011, all employees were invited to participate in a poster contest to promote civility on campus. A $50 gift certificate to the campus bookstore was given to the winner—Brady Blake in the Printing and Duplicating Office. Five hundred copies of the poster were printed and distributed to campus offices and posted in employee lounges and workplaces. Download PDF of Brady Blake's Civility Poster (PDF file size 350KB).

Programs and Speakers: In the Fall of 2011, Joel Neuman gave a presentation on Civility in the Workplace: The Prevention and Management of Workplace Aggression and Bullying to employees at both the Main Campus and our Branch Campus at Queensbury. The presentation helped us to define uncivil and bullying behavior and also to look at potential solutions for preventing and managing such behavior. In the Spring of 2012, Tedra Cobb presented two workshops for employees: Communication—The Foundation of Respect in the Workplace and Creating a Culture of Civility and Respect Workshop. These two hands-on workshops helped participants not only learn about themselves, but also how to resolve conflict and manage difficult conversations.

Cardinals Care "You Made a Difference" Recognition Program:  One of the new initiatives of the expanded program is the Cardinals Care: You Made a Difference Recognition Program. Individuals are invited to reward exceptional  service above and beyond the call of duty by completing a nomination form and mailing or emailing it to the Civility and Community Building Committee. Nominated individuals will be publicized and a copy of the nomination will be forwarded to the employee. All faculty, staff, and students are eligible for nomination..

Resources: We are collecting a list of websites, books, articles, and other information that you might find useful. If you have items you would like added, don’t hesitate to contact one of the below individuals. Download Civility Resources (PDF file size 245KB)

News & Events

August 2014 Nominees

The Promote Community Building Committee and the Cardinals Care Recognition Program would like to recognize this month's nominees – students, faculty, and staff – who made a positive difference or went the extra mile for someone else:

  • Gina Bond, Institutional Advancement
  • Michelle Boyea, Human Resource Services
  • Thomas Burl, Technology Enhanced Learning
  • Karen Case, Technology Enhanced Learning
  • William Circelli, Facilities, Maintenance & Operations
  • Keith Cressey, Capital Planning & Construction
  • Sarah Cunningham, Library & Information Systems
  • Cheryl Datkun, Computer Information Systems
  • Burton Doria, Maintenance Trades
  • Gina Doty, Management Services
  • Patrick Farrell, Maintenance & Operations Center
  • Bernie Grabczewski, Network Operations
  • Magdalena Hertel, Communication Disorders & Sciences
  • Gerald Juneau, Moving Crew
  • Richard Larche, Capital Planning & Construction
  • Leanne Macey, Sociology
  • Joseph Matott, Moving Crew
  • Matthew Miner, Maintenance Trades
  • Thomas Montanaro, Communication
  • Alisa Nelson, University Police
  • Karen Parrotte, Theatre and Music
  • Kevin Roberts, Facilities, Maintenance & Operations
  • Del Senecal, University Police
  • Ronald Sharron, Maintenance Trades
  • Dawn Short, President’s Office
  • Jonathan Slater, Journalism and Public Relations
  • Michael Thompson, Human Resource Services
  • Randi Trombly, Social Work
  • Keith Tyo, President’s Office
  • Donna Vanderhoff, Psychology
  • Adrienne Wells, Business Affairs
  • Theresa Wenig, Nursing and Nutrition
  • Norma Whittington, Moving Crew
  • Lydia Willoughby, Library (Feinberg)
  • Laura Wilson, Janitorial
July 2014
  • Elizabeth Bernat, Academic Advising
  • Brady Blake, Printing and Duplicating
  • Joanna Fiorentino, Student in Art Department
  • David Gregoire, Institutional Advancement
  • Steven Krolak, Public Relations Office
  • Linda Quesnel, Janitorial
  • Sarah Richard, Public Relations Office
  • Aaron Stanley, Computing Systems & Desktop Support
June 2014
  • Connie Ayotte, Janitorial
  • Samantha Bellinger, Art Museum
  • Deb Brunner, Center for Student Involvement
  • Catering and Campus Dining Staff, Chartwells
  • Laura Collier, Gender and Women’s Studies
  • Keith Cressey, Capital Planning and Construction
  • April Quilliam, Janitorial
May 2014
  • Allison, anonymous student who donated food & good will during Spring finals at Sundowner
  • Alexis Akey, School of Business & Economics
  • Carol Bleaux, Classroom & Customer Support Services
  • Jennifer Botti, a student in Journalism & Public Relations
  • Linda Carpenter, Library
  • Jessica Chase, Teacher Education, Graduate MSEd Program
  • Kate Chilton, College Auxiliary Services
  • Richard Clark, Maintenance Trades
  • Melody Delong, Library
  • Alexandre Fauchet, Janitorial
  • Katherine Friedrich, Global Education Office
  • Kenneth Gebo, Maintenance Trades
  • Cori Jackson, Center for Student Involvement
  • Jessa Karki, Global Education Office
  • Jennifer Keim, a student in Nursing & Nutrition
  • Gerard “Jerry” Kelly, Management, International Business & Info Systems
  • Christine Landry, School of Business & Economics
  • Carol Laporte, Communications
  • Stephen Magoon, Janitorial
  • Cody McCabe, Global Education Office
  • Edward Miller, Arts & Science
  • Susan Millett, Computer Information Systems
  • Nadya Munsie, a student in Nursing & Nutrition
  • Brenda Pescia, Janitorial
  • William Pfaff, Music
  • Darlene Pickman, Global Education Office
  • Ellen Powell, Music
  • Bob Richter, Classroom & Customer Support Services
  • Eric Santangelo, a Branch campus student in Business & Economics
  • Judy St. Denis, Janitorial
  • Tara Studley, School of Business & Economics
  • Tyler Whitney, Computing Systems & Desktop Support
  • Yong Yu, Teacher Education, Graduate MSEd Program
April 2014
  • Jacqueline Baker, School of Business and Economics
  • Darren Barcomb, University Police
  • Brady Blake, Printing & Duplicating Center
  • John Bradley, Library & Information Services
  • Thomas Burl, Computing Systems & Desktop Support
  • Casey Casamento, Computing Systems & Desktop Support
  • Sarah Charles, Nursing and Nutrition
  • Troy Collin, Computing Systems & Desktop Support
  • Julie Collins, Center for Student Involvement
  • Suzanne Daley, Academic Advising
  • Michael Daniels, Janitorial
  • Jagan Drowlette, Computing Systems & Desktop Support
  • Kim Gillett, Mail Center
  • Jean Hunt, Teacher Education, Grad MSEd Program
  • Holly Kusalonis, Accounts Payable
  • Monica Lattrell, Center for Student Health & Psychological Services
  • Taunyia Miner, Facilities, Maintenance & Operations
  • Heidi Schnackenberg, Teacher Education, Grad MSEd Program
  • Maureen Stacey, Chartwell’s Food Service
  • James Stewart, Janitorial
  • Marianne Wemette, Sponsored Research & Programs
  • Theresa Wenig, Nursing and Nutrition
March 2014
  • Gary Barnaby, Grounds Maintenance
  • William Barnaby, Janitorial
  • Ronald Begor, Janitorial
  • Jason Branham, Grounds Maintenance
  • Schonazon Brewer, Central Heating Plant
  • Gordon Burdo, Classroom & Customer Support Services
  • Joseph Calkins, Grounds Maintenance
  • Jeffrey Chase, Accounting (Academic)
  • Francis Dashnaw, Grounds Maintenance
  • Leo Ezero, Garage
  • Linda Ferguson, Grounds Maintenance
  • Bonita Garvey, SUNY Plattsburgh at Queensbury
  • Jessica Gregg, Grounds Maintenance
  • Benjamin Keyes, Grounds Maintenance
  • Chuo-Hsuan (Jason) Lee, Accounting (Academic)
  • Keith Letky, Grounds Maintenance
  • Reginald Macquesten, Telecommunications
  • Maurice Miner, Grounds Maintenance
  • Kevin Mundy, Classroom & Customer Support Services
  • Kevin Phair, University Police
  • Susan Shedrick, Grounds Maintenance
February 2014
  • Jacqueline Baker, School of Business & Economics
  • Bill Boudrieau, Warehouse
  • Cassandra Burl, Payroll Office
  • Karen Case, Instructional Technology
  • Thomas Corigliano, SUNY Plattsburgh at Queensbury
  • Jagan Drowlette, Computing Systems & Desktop Support
  • Kathryn Hansraj, a student in Education
  • Mark Kaiser, Accounting (Academic)
  • Christina Lagree, Payroll Office
  • Deborah Mousseau, Library
  • Connie Nephew, Art Museum
  • Brenda Pescia, Janitorial
  • Martha Poland, Payroll Office
  • Dean Steria, Accounting (Academic)
  • iane Trombly, Library
  • Tim Waldron, Maintenance Trades
  • Tyler Whitney, Computing Systems & Desktop Support
  • Diane Wright, Maintenance & Operations
  • Todd Yando, Registrar
January 2014
  • Linda Barnaby, Student Accounts
  • Brady Blake, Printing & Duplicating
  • Thomas Burl, Instructional Technology
  • Nancy Church, Marketing & Entrepreneurship
  • Wendy Coons, Learning Center
  • Mike Currier, Printing & Duplicating
  • Burt Doria, Maintenance Trades
  • Kim Fisher, Center for Student Health & Psychological Services
  • Cynthia Fregeau, Human Resource Services
  • John Homburger, Business Affairs
  • Beth Kress, Human Resource Services
  • Matthew Miner, Maintenance Trades
  • Ann Nichols, Student Accounts
  • Crystal Soulia, Janitorial
December 2013
  • Lauren, an anonymous student who donated food & good will at Tim Horton’s
  • Alexis Akey, School of Business & Economics
  • Larry Allen, Dean of Students
  • Deborah Brunner, Center for Student Involvement at the College Center
  • Jagan Drowlette, Computing Systems & Desktop Support
  • Patrick Farrell, Maintenance & Operations
  • Eric Forand, University Police
  • Michelle Howland, SUNY Plattsburgh at Queensbury
  • Shelley Laurin, Graduate Admissions
  • Mike Mitchell, a student in Journalism & Public Relations
November 2013
  • Gina Bond, Institutional Advancement
  • Stephen Danna, SUNY Plattsburgh at Queensbury
  • Cheryl Datkun, Computer Information Systems
  • Alyssa Drowlette, Classroom & Customer Support Services
  • April Gonyea, Registrar’s Office
  • Emmett Hayes, Janitorial
  • Michelle Howland, SUNY Plattsburgh at Queensbury
  • Lynn Hughes, SUNY Plattsburgh at Queensbury
  • Hiroshi Itoh, Political Science
  • Samuel Konadu, a student in Psychology
  • Kerry Lubold, Financial Aid
  • Janet Manor, Biological Sciences
  • Melanie O’Connell, Arts & Science
  • Linda Quesnel, Janitorial
  • Liz Woodard, Academic Affairs
October 2013
  • Michael Burgess – Feinberg Library
  • Sue Gadway – President’s Office
  • Robin Germain – Intercollegiate Athletics
  • John Homburger – Business Affairs
  • Shery Liberty – Janitorial
  • Kevin Mundy – Classroom & Customer Support Services
  • Pamela Munson – Registrar’s Office
  • Wei Qiu – Auditory Research Laboratory
  • Sarah Reyell – Human Resource Services
  • Jessica Silon – a student in Nursing & Nutrition
September 2013
  • Jennifer Clancy in Teacher Education
  • Laura Collier in Gender and Women’s Studies
  • Joshua Coons, a graduate assistant in University Police
  • Annette Demarais in Financial Aid
  • Nancy Elwess in Biological Sciences
  • Aruna Gandhi in the ESL Program
  • Janice Gillett in Financial Aid
  • Christopher Hernandez, a student in Economics and Finance
  • Sami Jeskanen in Canadian Studies
  • Christine Landry in the School of Business and Economics
  • James Lucas in Network Operations
  • Melanie O’Connell in Arts and Science
  • Alexander Ramjattan, a student in Education
  • Justin Rosenbrock in Network Operations 
  • Del Senecal in University Police
  • Edward Sturman in Psychology
August 2013
  • Kathryn Castillo, a student employee in the Graduate Admissions Office
  • Kenneth Gebo in Maintenance Trades
  • Shelley Laurin in the Graduate Admissions Office
  • Mark Mastrean in Library and Information Services
  • Symen Mulders in Computing Systems & Desktop Support
  • Justin Pugh, a student employee in Computing & Media Services
  • Deborah Rodriguez in Janitorial
  • Keith Tyo in the President’s Office
July 2013
  • Devin Bohne, a student employee in the Registrar’s Office
  • Sarah Cunningham in the Public Relations Office
  • Cathy Eldridge in Environmental Health and Safety
  • Christa Ettee Nasri, a student employee in the Registrar’s Office
  • April Gonyea in the Registrar’s Office
  • Tom Higgins in Computer Information Systems
  • Ann Labier in the Registrar’s Office
  • Barbara Laduke in the Registrar’s Office
  • Jessica Lashway in the Registrar’s Office
  • Cole Martin, a student employee in the Registrar’s Office
  • Ben Ponce, a student employee in the Registrar’s Office
  • Jack Reed, a student employee in the Registrar’s Office
  • Darlene Rowe in the Registrar’s Office
  • Charles Sanchez, a student employee in the Registrar’s Office
  • Kathy Weaver in the Registrar’s Office
  • Todd Yando in the Registrar’s Office
June 2013
  • Deb Brunner in the Angell College Center
  • Bill Circelli in Facilities, Maintenance, and Operations
  • Thomas Corigliano at SUNY Plattsburgh at Queensbury
  • Michael Currier in Printing and Duplicating
  • April Gonyea in the Registrar’s Office
  • Scott Johnson in the Angell College Center
  • Daniel Lewis in the Public Relations Office
  • Natalie Peck in Institutional Advancement
May 2013
  • Christopher Akey in the Janitorial Department
  • Brady Blake in the Printing and Duplicating Center
  • Michael Caraballo in Emergency Management
  • Catrillia Young in Global Education
  • Gary Moulden in the Janitorial Department
  • Jon Chatlos in the English Department
  • Joanna Orr in the Teacher Education Unit
  • Lauren Kiefer in the English Department
  • Suzanne Catana in the Leadership Program
  • Michael Walters in the Physics Department

Help build our SUNY Plattsburgh community by acknowledging the special efforts of those on campus.

Contact Information

Everyone is welcome to get involved in this special initiative. If you would like to be added to the email list for information about meetings and programs, please contact one of the following individuals:

Bethanne DelGaudio
Phone: (518) 564-2124

Gina Doty
Phone: (518) 564-5011

Michael Thompson
Phone: (518) 564-5062