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Resources for library research

General guides

Campus Software Resources -  links to tutorials and more
Digital Reference Resources - A guide to basic reference resources for the SUNY Plattsburgh community
eBooks Research Guide - Use this guide as a starting place to explore ebooks at Feinberg Library.
Veterans' Research Guide - resources for veterans
Web 2.0 Technologies - a guide to online tools that allow you to collect, organize, communicate, create and share
Zotero - a free but powerful tool for research and bibliographic management. It integrates with the Feinberg Library catalog and databases to make saving and citing sources as easy as clicking a button.

Subject-specific and course-specific research guides

Selected research resources and tools for students doing research for classes, with information on the basics of doing research in Feinberg Library.

Accounting Research Guide  
Adirondacks Research Guide
Africana Studies Research Guide 
Anthropology Research Guide 
     ANT380: Doing Anthropology 
Art Research Guide 
     ART325/PSY326: Introduction to Art Therapy 
     ART 471B: Contemporary Art

Audio-Radio Digital Production Research Guide

Biochemistry Research Guide
Biology Research Guide 
Bluegrass Music Research Guide
Business Research Guide 
     BUS203: Business Ethics & Modern Society 

Canadian Studies Research Guide 
Chemistry Research Guide  
Childhood Education (Grades 1-6) Research Guide 
Computer Science Research Guide  
Counselor Education Research Guide 
     CLG402: Counseling Techniques
     CLG517: Group Counseling
     CLG527: Career Development Counseling 
     CLG554: Research Design and Methods 
Communication Research Guide 
     CMM101: Public Speaking
     CMM325: Communication Theory  
Communication Disorders and Sciences Research Guide 
     CDS465: Senior Capstone 
     CDS544: Clinical Practicum 
Criminal Justice Research Guide 
     CRI405: Terrorism
     CRI405: Transnational Crime
Cytotechnology Research Guide

Earth Sciences Research Guide
Ecology Research Guide
Economics Research Guide
Education Research Guide 
     EDR507: Research Methods in Literacy Education 
     EDS481: Assessment in Special Education 
     EDU518: Prac. Research in Education 
English / Literature Research Guide 
     ENG101: Composition 
     ENG101: Research Starter
Entrepreneurship Research Guide
Environmental Science/Studies Research Guide 
Expeditionary Studies Research Guide 

Finance Research Guide
Food and Nutrition Research Guide
     FNI211: Human Nutrition 
     FNI241: Nutrition through the Lifecycle 

French Research Guide 
Freshman Experience Research Guide 
     FRX100: International Experience 

Gender and Women's Studies Research Guide 
Genealogy Research Guide
Geography Research Guide
Global Supply Chain Management Research Guide
Government Research Guide

Health Research Guide 
     HED487: Child Abuse & Neglect
History Research Guide 
     HIS285: Historical Practices
     HIS398: Strangers in the Land
Honors Research Guides 
     HON173: Animal Communication
Hotel Restaurant Tourism Management Research Guide 
Human Development & Family Relations (HDFR) Research Guide 
     HDF261a; Intro. to Human Services
     HDF312: Families in a Global Perspective 
Information Technology Research Guide 
Interdisciplinary Guides
     INT104: Intro. to the World's Religions
International Business Research Guide (see Business)

Journalism Research Guide

     JOU207: Introduction to Magazines 
     JOU308: Reporting and News Writing 

Judaic Studies Research Guide

Latin American Studies Research Guide 
     LAS111WB1,WGB: Intro to Latin America

Leadership Research Guide

Management Research Guide (see Business)
Management, Information Systems & Analytics (see Business)
Marketing Research Guide
Mathematics Research Guide
Medical Technology Research Guide
Military Studies Research Guide 
Modern Languages & Cultures
Multidisciplinary Research Guide
Music Research Guide  

Newspapers Research Guide
Nursing Research Guide 
     NUR350: Theoretical Foundations of Nursing

Philosophy Research Guide
Physics Research Guide
Political Science Research Guide
     PSC380: Public Policy & Administration
Popular Culture Research Guide
Primary Sources Research Guide
Psychology Research Guide 
Public Relations Research Guide

Religion Research Guide

Social Work Research Guide
     SWK304: Social Work in a Comparative Perspective
Sociology Research Guide 
Spanish Research Guide for Foreign Lang./Lit. 
Special Education Research Guide  
Sport and Wellness Research Guide

Theatre Research Guide 
TV Production / Broadcast Journalism Research Guide

Women's Studies (See: Gender)


Databases available through Feinberg Library

Find scholarly articles in journals, magazines, and newspapers.


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