Minor in Archaeology

Archaeology Minor (18-22 credits)

Photo of Plattsburgh State Anthropology students doing field workThe 18-22 credit archaeology minor is multi-disciplinary, and includes several anthropology courses and a variety of courses selected from allied fields.

The emphasis is on gaining a degree of familiarity with prehistory and antiquity findings (anthropology, history, art history courses), developing knowledge of specialized skills relating to archaeological research (science, math, history, etc., courses), and, if possible, obtaining archaeological field and lab experience.

Many of our archaeology minors are also anthropology majors, and a number have been successful in obtaining employment in the field of cultural resource management.

Program Requirements

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For further information about the archaeology minor, please contact

Dr. Christopher Wolff
Assistant Professor
Office: Redcay Hall 129
Phone: (518) 564-4005
Email: christopher.wolff@plattsburgh.edu